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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It’s Warm, It’s Wonderful

Poor Lonn—to have to get up at 3:30 am was a chore—we left for the airport in Bozeman at 4:15am and the rest of the travel day went like clockwork.  We landed early and departed early, our suitcase appeared as it was supposed to plus Brown’s Taxi Service arrived soon after we called. 

By 11:30 we were sitting in the shade of John and Brenda’s patio.  By 12:45pm we were at the Headquarters, a restaurant in Maricopa having a great lunch.  After lunch Brenda delivered me to the nail salon so I could have this:

IMG_0027Shiny new toes!

The rest of the day, the cowboys solved all the problems of the world--

IMG_0015of course with Emmi’s help!  I spent a little time unpacking then joined the cowboys to solve the world problems.


Even the horses got in on the act, wondering I’m sure, where their evening meal was???

IMG_0025At 6:30 pm, the cowboy and I were fading—our 3am wakeup call was starting to make us wish for our bed.  Tomorrow we will be raring to go again, all rested!  The weather is perfect, 80 degrees today!!  Thank you John and Brenda for all you’ve done for us—taxi service, motorhome sitting, parking spot—we appreciate it!!


  1. Glad you back and safe and sound...enjoy....

  2. Man, sure glad you guys made it okay. After hearing about that United flight into Billings wasn't sure what your weather up in the sky would be like. Enjoy the sunshine.

  3. Wow Glad to hear you have your pretty toes planted firmly on the ground. I had heard about the "Bouncy" plane issues over Montana and wondered were you were at that moment. Enjoy the Sun! It's beautiful in Desert Hot Springs area too.

  4. It sure is nice to leave the snow and cold behind. I flew back to Texas yesterday too.

  5. Alright! Back in the land of sun, sand and heat. That Brown taxi service was truly good!
    Enjoy the days ahead......!

  6. Looks like you and your toes are quite happy in the warm sunshine.

  7. Time to get some desert sand on those nice shiny new toes!

  8. Must feel good to have those toes out in the air again! You sure look comfortable:)


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