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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Property Shopping Again

The cowboy and I have been coming to Arizona since January, 2003.  We’ve looked at property every year and in about 2004 or 2005 we bought some acreage near Benson, AZ in a development called Dragoon Mountain Ranch.  We were both working at the time, spending only about 2 months per year in AZ and eventually decided we didn’t have time to own property in Arizona—we sold our acreage and it’s something we’ve both always regretted doing. 

Dragoon Mountain Ranch is a unique place—it’s a huge development, remote (about 25 minutes from Benson), wild, rugged and so incredibly quiet it makes your ears hurt! There are probably about 50 houses built so far in Dragoon Mountain Ranch.  Some of the lots have electrical power but many do not.  Water is by well or hauled in—we drilled a well on the acreage we first owned hitting water at about 750 feet—expensive water!!  Most of the houses—and these are not dumpy houses, they are nice territorial and pueblo style houses—haul or have water hauled to huge storage tanks.  Many of the houses have decided not to pay the high price to have electricity brought to their lots, using large banks of solar panels for power. 

We drove down to Benson today specifically to drive out to Dragoon Mountain Ranch.  It is just as rugged, wild, beautiful and scenic as we remembered.  We had a list of available lots for sale from the realtor who sold our lot and she also gave us the gate code—it’s a gated community.  We spent the day walking several of the lots we liked—Emmi went along getting lots of exercise with us.  IMG_0040

Now we have to think and plot for a while—we will see what all pans out.

Ms. Brenda is still under the weather—she may even have the flu—sure hope she feels better soon! 


IMG_0043IMG_0045From the ranch you can see four mountain ranges and the lights of Benson. 


  1. Oh my, that's fun to return to a spot you once felt was special and a treasure !!! Better yet, it is great to have the chance to think about making a u-turn and checking out the options again......good for you two enjoying your travels back in time ...... The photos look beautiful !!! Keep having FUN !!!

  2. We had to talk ourselves out of coming down there to look at some of those properties last month after talking to you guys. Kelly said let's go have a look & I had to put a lid on that because I know how much we liked that area & knowing me I would be all gung-ho for wanting to move on down there with all that spacious peace & quiet all around.........

  3. We used to drive by there frequently when we had relatives in Cochise County (they live near us in the foothills of the northern California Sierra now). The Dragoons are one of my favorite hiking areas, and the countryside around there is unusually pretty. It would be a wonderful place to own some land!

  4. I can imagine how many times you've kicked yourselves for selling the property. It sure looks like a great area. One day I would like to have a place in AZ so I can have a yard full of cacti. But for now we are still living this dream life on the road. We haven't found that perfect place if we should want to settle. I guess we'll have to have two places for the weather. Good luck with your decision:)

  5. How fun and exciting to be looking at beautiful desert property that might possibly become yours.

  6. I can hear it now - "home, home on the range.....". Good luck with your plotting and thinking!

  7. First time I have run across sellers remorse. I hope you can find something that meets your needs:)

  8. I can hear the wheels turning in your brains. Praying that you find your heart's desire.


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