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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Another Cold One

Well, the most interesting topic of conversation around here is the weather!

IMG_99017am temp

IMG_99022:30pm temp—our high for the day!  It is dang cold out there.  At least today there was no wind, Emmi and I went outside to play for just a short while this afternoon but it didn’t take us long to decide inside was a better place to be.

The mailman brought Michael the new feet for his leather sewing machine allowing him to finish up one of the VW seat cushions—my cowboy is a man of many talents!  The sewing machine is an older one and when we purchased it years ago it came with no extra feet—eBay to the rescue!

We both used that dreaded treadmill today and I even did some yoga.  After lunch I started and finished a small project for my friend and quilting buddy, Jane. 

There was a lot of talk around the New Year among quilters about finishing UFO’s—Paulette for one is working hard at eliminating her unfinished quilting projects.  I shouldn’t say this as I will probably jinx myself but I don’t have UFO’s—I have fabric and patterns I never made but I don’t have quilts I have started and never finished.  What I do have is a bunch of quilts I’ve made and never quilted—what is that old saying about the cobbler’s children not having shoes??? 

Well, this longarm quilter has a stack of her own quilts which need quilting!  The bunny quilt was a start and today I brought out another project—over three years ago I quilted a little “doggy” quilt for my Aunt Marg’s friend Marti back in Arkansas.  It had the cutest little black dogs and red fire hydrants.  Included in the box with that quilt was a wallhanging sized duplicate of the “doggy” quilt—sent to me as a gift by Aunt Marg and Marti.  It has languished in the “to be quilted” stack until today.  The two ladies also included some pieces of the backing fabric they used and I pieced those together getting just enough to make a backing. 

The cowboy also made another ironing table today—he’s such a good husband! SmileTonight our friends Jim and Kathy braved the frigid weather and came up for a spontaneous happy hour—we spent an enjoyable couple hours catching up.

And that’s it for our Wednesday in frigid Montana!


  1. Frigid is not a pleasant word when it describes your outdoor temperatures. Hope you can get back to the desert soon.

  2. I'm not griping about our weather, ever again. Even though we have snow in the forecast for today. :-)

  3. Just checked Billings weather -26 with -45 wind chill. That's so cold it's scary. You guys stay inside and warm. Poor Emmi.

  4. WHAT no UFOs?!! Unheard of!! Good for you!! And good for you for finishing up someone else's!

  5. I am an older model too, and just like that leather sewing machine, I didn't come with any extra feet either.

  6. Brrrrr!! and I thought it was cold here in Missouri! What you are showing as actual temps are our wind chills! I just stop to think 6 months from now we will be complaining it's too hot. Keep warm!

  7. Boy, that cold weather is really make you two work hard. Good job! Stay warm:)


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