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Friday, February 21, 2014

Look Who We Found

You just never know who you will meet in Wal Mart—I needed a couple things this morning and John told me how to get to Wal Mart.  We have friends from Big Timber who own a home here in Maricopa and we had made arrangements to have dinner with them tonight.  But, as I was cruising the aisles of Wal Mart—I ran into Jane.  We chatted for a while and kind of firmed up our evening plans. 

Back home I made some ham sandwiches for Michael, John and me.  John and Michael spent the rest of the afternoon discussing those world problems again—actually, they usually only discuss Canadian and American problems! SmileOur Brenda is feeling under the weather today—let’s hope she is better soon! 

This afternoon we headed into Maricopa meeting Jane and Doug at their home—a beautiful spot on a large, open lot.  I don’t know why I have no photos of Jane and me—just the guys.

IMG_0038Doug is showing Michael how much snow we are getting back at home!

And Jeane, this is for you—look at Jane’s beautiful flowers--IMG_0039

We were off to dinner with two other Big Timber folks joining us—Gary and Jim—Gary and his wife Susie just bought a home here in the last couple weeks.  A lot of the land surrounding Maricopa is owned by the Ak Chin Native American tribe—a rather prosperous tribe.  There is the typical casino but next door to the casino is a spectacular entertainment complex—12 movie theaters, two restaurants, a bowling alley and video arcade.  The movie theaters have the option of dinner seating—you can order dinner or just a drink and enjoy it at a table while watching the movie.  We had dinner in the Grill 347—our food was good, slow getting to us, but good.  We had a great evening visiting with our Big Timber friends.

Back home we released the little black dog from captivity.  Yesterday while we were gone to the grocery store, Emmi decided to howl while we were gone—to our knowledge she doesn’t usually do this—we’ve never had anyone complain in a RV park.  This isn’t a habit we wish to encourage—remember Jim and Ellie how she would do this as a puppy???  Brenda rescued Emmi yesterday, taking the brat into the house with her.  Tonight we turned the radio on, gave her a treat and hope she behaved!!

A good day in Arizona!


  1. I'll bet Emmi knew Brenda would rescue her! Hope Brenda is feeling better today. So glad you are out of the frozen tundra for awhile!

  2. Love those flowers! What a lovely splash of color...

  3. Great times with friends:) Glad Emmi got rescued. Being left out of the fun is tough.

  4. We always leave the TV or radio on for Molly and Rylie too. Not sure if it works or not but maybe it drowns out any howling that goes on.

    I'm glad to hear that John and Michael are helping us dog-park guys in solving all the world' problems!!

  5. Other than Brenda not feeling well, it seems you guys are enjoying yourselves. Good stuff! Wishing Brenda a quick recovery.


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