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Sunday, February 16, 2014

When The Snowplow Gets Stuck It’s Time To Leave

On our morning mud slog, walk we could see the next storm coming over the mountains.

IMG_0007It took its sweet time getting here but around 11am the snowstorm hit with a vengeance!  Good grief—it snowed 4-5 inches in one hour!!  Nat was going to venture up the previously dry Boulder Road and have lunch with us before our upcoming departure.  The snowstorm put a stop to those plans so Michael and I headed to town to take Nat to lunch.  On the way in to town we came across a privately owned snowplow/sanding truck which had slid off the road—I’d say it’s past time to leave!!  We made it to Nat’s and went to lunch at the Thirsty Turtle enjoying apple pie and ice cream back at Nat’s.  He’s sad to see us go but even sadder to see Emmi girl go I think! Smile


Big Timber had no new snow—the Boulder road was a little better on the way home but the wind is now howling causing the snow to drift terribly.  I am so ready to write a blog that states, “it was 80 degrees today!!” SmileAnd I bet you all are ready to read a blog that doesn’t even mention the weather!

Back home I tidied up the quilting studio, cleaning and oiling the longarm, covering it with plastic sheeting.  I must confess—I didn’t get any more UFO’s quilted Paulette!!  I did take one quilt top out of the cabinet, measured it and got the backing ready but that’s as far as I got. 

Michael has been practicing his low flying helicopter skills in the basement—keeping the helicopter just above the floor, practicing his hovering, etc.  His skills are improving—I didn’t hear any crashes today!

That’s it for our Sunday in Montana—departure for the south is drawing near!!


  1. It was officially 81 here and it was warm enough to cause my AC to come on in the afternoon... So come on back to the land of Arizona....

  2. How in the world did the snow miss Big Timber. That sky really looked angry. Definitely time to come south and soak in some sunshine.

  3. Yup.time to get out of Dodge for sure!! The good thing about UFOs they are always happy to see you when you get home!! :o))

  4. Clearly time to recover the motorhome from Dogpound South and start enjoying the dry desert heat and sun.

  5. While I agree with the mild temps like down here in South Florida, I will certainly miss the Boulder pictures. :(

  6. Actually, I've kinda enjoyed the snow this winter... through beautiful photos such as yours ;-)

  7. Gosh...those pics are NOT inviting. Come on down, before it gets too hot. :-)


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