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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Oops and Saturday Up The Boulder

twelve mile bridge 001I’d say this was a big oops!!  Taken in 1949 or 1950, a semi truck loaded with a D8 Caterpillar bulldozer attempted to cross what is referred to as the “twelve mile bridge” and ended up in the river.  This is a major bridge on the Boulder Road and we travel across it every time we come and go to Big Timber.  There was a private bridge on the Ellison ranch which people used until this bridge was repaired.  Can you imagine how this truck driver must have felt!!!  As you can see, Michael was working on his history and photo project again today. 

The cowboy played helicopter pilot a couple times today—just a little too much breeze to be flying.  This afternoon late when the breeze died down he went out and had a case of pilot error again crash landing the helicopter way up the hill—he had to climb through hip deep drifts to get to the thing. Sad smile

I spent most of my day cooking—fixed Pioneer Woman’s pot roast for our late lunch, made a pot of chili using a new recipe from Sunset Magazine and baked cookies for Nat.  I’ll let you know how the chili turns out!

I’ve started to pack up a few things getting ready for our departure—we are both really ready to see some sunshine!



  1. Bet you're looking forward to some warmth. Your snow pics are awfully pretty...from a distance :) maybe we'll get to see you this winter in AZ after all. I sure hope so!
    Nina and Paul

  2. Just think how much more you will appreciate all this warmth down here now that you've been freezing up that way.

  3. I'd think you are really ready for the south after all this winter you had.

  4. That truck crashing into the creek would be a seriously BIG OOPS!
    Packing to head south is a very good sign indeed.


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