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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Winter Visitors, Doctors and Dentists, Happy Birthday

IMG_9279IMG_9280A couple times lately Michael has noticed these evening grosbeaks at our house—it isn’t a bird we usually see this time of year and not very often even in summer.  There are about seven of the birds and they sit in the tree over our sunflower seed feeder then fly off.  Today I spread sunflower seeds along the deck rail—when I came back later they were all on the railing eating—cool!!

Today is my sweet Mom’s birthday—Happy Birthday Mom, glad you made it home to Arkansas in time to celebrate in style with the family!!!

Today was Michael’s day to visit the dermatologist—Michael is as prone to skin cancers as is his Dad so we visit the dermatologist about twice a year.  Dr. Williams used the nitrogen to freeze multiple lesions leaving Michael looking as if he has chicken pox! 

The doctor also sent us to Costco with a prescription for the Carac cream—a chemotherapy type cream which targets pre-cancerous lesions.  Michael has used this cream in the past and when we purchased the stuff a year or so ago, we almost had a heart attack at $250 for a small tube of the stuff—liquid gold!!!  Today when I went to pick up the prescription I just about fainted—$478 for the same size tube—is it now made from platinum???!!!!!  I told the young woman helping me to keep the cream, I wasn’t purchasing it, period.  I will try and find it through other sources. 

Lunch, Wal Mart, Costco and then it was off to the dentist for me—seems I had a cavity which needed filling.  A brief, painless session, out the door and we were heading home.  Visited with Nat a while, retrieved Ms. Emmi and now we are sitting with out feet up.

For a November day it sure was nice, 62 degrees and sunny—all that is to change tomorrow with a predicted low of 5 above!!!  BRRRR



  1. I'm surprised the doctor didn't warn you about the cost of the prescription. Must be liquid gold plus!! Hope you can find it somewhere else a little cheaper.

    Gee, 62 degrees is bathing suit weather out there! It didn't get that warm here in Myrtle Beach. Sorry to hear about your very chilly cool down

  2. jana i found a site that has a coupon for 88% off the carac cream ..i know nothing about this site but it may be worth looking into ...hope it helps :)

  3. Janna,

    Thanks for the link to jackdanmayer. I had a good read. He has a wealth of knowledge.

    We failed to unlock the Canadian iPad. I have been in touch with our kids (who purchased it for us) with a view to giving it back to Apple in exchange for an unlocked international model or give the $$$ back and we would purchase an unlocked US iPad. This proprietary locking of iPads is ridiculous. Verizon, and other US carriers are also guilty of this, but to a lesser degree.

    I have learned a lot about Apple, the cell carriers and the silly games they play with consumers. I am really PO'd with Apple. They did confirm today that our iPad cannot be unlocked - period. Idiocy, say I.

    It is life! I'm moving on without it but I will check out the Millenicom option. It seems like a favourable option for us. The option to park the service when we are back in Canada has appeal and it seems that the service is quite well liked by many, including you.

    Thanks again for the valuable information.

  4. The price for that drug (cream) for Michael is way off the charts. I sure hope you find it for a much lesser cost and the only place I can think of would be from Mexico. We have checked prices for certain medications in Algodones and they were much more favourable there than in Canada. Neither one of us are in prescriptions but we checked prices for other who asked us to.

  5. Two years ago I had the privileged of having evening grossbeaks at my feeder. Only one time did they show up!! Wow that's a lot of money for the cream. Hope you find a cheaper substitute, heck for that price you could fly to Mexico and pick some up!!!

  6. I haven't seen any evening grosbeaks since I lived in upstate New York. We used to get them by the hundreds every winter.

  7. I just checked a few online Canadian pharmacies that deliver to the USA and their price for Carac cream is $229. I know nothing about these sites but they appear to do a pretty brisk business in the US because there are tons of them. Here's one site:

  8. Stick with Rick... He's right on !!! Here in Buffalo Ny many, many people travel across the Peace Bridge to get Canadian medications!!


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