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Friday, November 8, 2013

Meet Gertrude

One day at yoga the subject of dog hair and vacuuming came up.  Nancy told us about her robot, a Roomba vacuuming robot they had purchased at Costco.  I had always been skeptical of these robots I had seen in stores and advertised on the internet but Nancy assured us it worked and worked well.   Doing some more research on, I found a majority of the reviews are very positive. 

The robot has a docking station and two sensors which can be placed at different locations forcing the robot to stay in one room or to stay away from Emmi’s dog/water dishes.  She senses stairs and will not go/fall down the stairs—I watched the robot today when she got near our basement stairs.  When Gertrude is finished vacuuming the living/dining/kitchen area, she heads back to her docking station to be recharged.  If I have her vacuuming only in the bedroom she stops when the room is vacuumed and tells me to return her to her docking station.  She goes up onto rugs, over electrical cords, under the beds—anywhere she can get—the only place she has gotten caught was under our coffee table—she stops and calls for help! Winking smile

It is really positively amazing how much the robot picks up—the device has a small collection tub and a filter, both have to be cleaned after every use.  I am loving Gertrude—she vacuumed today while I dusted the furniture—I have a helper!  When I registered the robot on the Roomba website I was asked what I would like to name my robot—thus, Gertrude. 

Michael spent the day puttering—he built another extended base for the longarm--I am anxious to try it out!  Tonight we were treated by Jill and Terry to dinner at the Rib and Chop House in Livingston—a delightful evening with great friends! 

Oh, almost forgot—Emmi hates Gertrude and finds another place to be while she is vacuuming! Smile


  1. I an only imaginehow much Halley would hate Gertrude:)

  2. Thanks for showing Gertrude. I'm going to ask Santa for one of those!

  3. I was just going to ask what Emmi thought of Gertrude. My son has two big hairy dogs, and Rummie takes care of it all!! I can tell you like your new maid!!!

  4. Good mawnin', Janna & Ms Emmi, ;-)
    Gotcha doin' th' ROOMBA, huh, Janna ?? I don't blame Ms Emmi, I wouldn't like anything that ran around making buzzing noises, in MY HOUSE, either; hollerin' when it got through, screaming when it got stuck... NONONO !!! Enjoy your 'helper' while it still runs !!! What size did you get??
    Hope y'all have a HAPPY DAY and Ms Emmi doesn't find the cord to the docking station !!!!

  5. Haha! Emmi probably thinks you have a new baby!! Hopefully she warms up to Gertrude!

  6. Wow - Rylie would never stop barking at Gertrude! Never!

    I wonder if anyone will ever invent a Gertrude that cleans bathrooms?

  7. Now that is one little prize for any homeowner. We don't have pets anymore so the Roomba would be OK at our home. Easton would have fun chasing it around though!!!!

  8. I just may have to think about my own Gertrude or Rosie or whatever. I get so tired of all the little pieces of lint from the dog toys all over. And I hate lugging out the heavy vacuum. The girl's would have to go for a walk with Jim.

  9. I have a friend who swears by her robot vacuum! Sure does look like fun.


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