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Sunday, November 17, 2013

It’s Getting To Be A Habit

Swimming at Chico that is—Sarge and Sarah live near Chico and invited us over this afternoon for a swim and dinner—so off we go over the hill and through the woods dropping off the wood splitter at Lonnie’s on the way. 

Nat came for lunch—I made another big ole pot of beef vegetable soup and some more homemade bread.  I worry about inviting him for lunch when we have snow on the ground and the wind is blowing that snow around.  He drives really, really slow and everyone knows it’s him—he is never late and if he should be, I will send Michael out to look for him. 

Amendment—just about 10 minutes before 12pm when Nat should have arrived our phone rang and caller ID showed his number in town.  Seems he started up the Boulder and about the nine mile marker hit a patch of ice—he decided it would be best “for an old man to turn around and go back home.” 

While I am sorry Nat didn’t get here for lunch, I am glad he made a good decision!

Nasty weather for walking this morning, a little snow on the ground and a cold, gusty wind.  We made good time on our walk—being cold makes you walk faster!

My phone rang yesterday morning and it was Jill—“I’m at a flea market and these people talk like you!”  She and her daughter Kerri are visiting Jill’s son Fritz in Memphis, TN—I think she is making fun of my southern accent—but in a good way! Smile

Thought you folks might like to see a photo of our gorgeous granddaughters, Laci on the left, Katie on the right, looks like they are dressed up for a night on the town.


Katie and her husband Michael.

Our friends Jane and Rich are out in California welcoming their newest grandchild—a boy, Anders Jonathan.  He’s a cutie—full head of hair—wonder what his sister Tegan is thinking about him??

Mom and Chuck left Aransas Pass, Texas yesterday and are now safely home in Arkansas—they are very glad to be home!

Life is good!


  1. Beautiful granddaughters'! Glad Nat made the decision to turn around. Driving and ice don't mix.

    Sounds like you need to fire up the diesel and get out of there!

  2. It's too bad that a lot of younger drivers don't demonstrate as much common sense as Nat did.

    Great looking family - nice pics.

  3. Agree with Rick. Yesterday- on our drive over the Sierra Nevada Mountains, from Red Bluff, CA, to Reno, NV, - approaching one sharp curve, the posted signs clearly stated that frost was prevalent and to slow to 20 MPH. Well, we rounded the curve and there was a State Trooper with two young guys standing in the ditch with their rolled over 4X4 pick up truck. It had just happened and the truck had passed us about 90 minutes earlier in the morning. Paying heed to road conditions pays dividends and prevents the sort of thing we witnessed. Good on Nat for turning back. He is most wise......!


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