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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rick To The Rescue

Mid morning I received a panicked call from my friend Kathy—you might remember a couple weeks ago I wrote about trying to help her with Windows 8 on a new laptop she had purchased.  Well, a couple days ago she installed a HP update and since that time she has had to put it mildly, MAJOR issues.  All her photos and documents disappeared, she uses a program called Storybook to create brochures—everything stored within that program disappeared.  So, Kathy thinks I am Ms. Computer Fix-It.  Well, I could tell right off the bat—way, way over my head!!!

I sent Rick an email about 10am, he responded quickly suggesting Kathy install a program called Teamviewer which would allow Rick to take over her computer remotely.  Once we got the program installed and running I sent Rick the user ID and password.  He began working on Kathy’s computer about 3pm our time and is still working with Kathy as I type this blog at 6pm. 

Rick and I are about as opposite in our political views as any two people can be.  He likes RV parks, we like to boondock.  Rick knows everything there is to know about computers, I know just enough to get myself in trouble!  Rick and I have talked on the phone plus we comment frequently on our respective blogs—but we don’t know each other.  What is it about this blogging world—Rick didn’t have to give up his time to fix a stranger’s computer today but he did and words can’t express how much we appreciate it!!!  THANKS a bunch Rick!!!

In between emails and phone calls I made lunch for Nat and Michael—vegetable beef stew, homemade bread and fruit salad.  Nat and Michael spent lots of time after lunch reminiscing while I headed off to the quilt studio.  I did manage to get a customer quilt about half finished.

A strange weather day—almost 60 degrees at lunch time and no wind—weird!!



  1. Kathy's computer is all fixed up and running fine after I found the 6,000+ missing files, recovered and restored them to their proper location so all her programs including Storybook are running fine. That was sure an interesting problem. I have no idea what or how this happened but I learned a long time ago to never question a fix - just accept it thankfully and move on.

    I'm happy we can disagree on some issues and still be friends as that stuff is not all that important in the scheme of things. Heck, what could either of us change anyway??

    Beautiful photo at the end of the blog.

  2. Hoo-ray for Rick. It's great folks like you and him that go that extra step for their fellow man that makes life worth living. It would have been so easy for both of you to say "it's not my problem" and move on. Thankfully, you didn't.:-) As for Windows 8:-(

  3. What a great blogger friend Rick is. He certainly wouldn't have had to take the time to solve Kathy's problem. I bet she was glad he did!!! Have a great upcoming week!!

  4. Not sure what we would do without Rick. He has saved my sanity several times. 60 degrees?? No wind? Just where are you?

  5. Rick's a keeper for sure! He's helped me out as well as untold others. I'm sure he knows how much we all appreciate his help.

  6. It is amazing what good friends blogs create without ever meeting face to face sometimes. Glad Rick could help:)

  7. How nice of Rick to help out. And that was a whack of files missing! It always makes me wonder why the files disappeared and where they went to. Good stuff!


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