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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Just A Little Extreme

It was 62 degrees yesterday afternoon in Billings, today our temps took a little dip--

IMG_9308yep, 13 degrees at 5pm.  It snowed much of the day and we have about 5 inches on the ground—ole man winter came back with a vengeance!!

Before the heavy snow started Michael hauled  firewood down to the house—a good thing!  For lunch I made pizza and I think I’ve finally, after dozens of pizzas, made the perfect pizza—at least for us.  Somewhere (Facebook/blog???) I read about a free Craftsy class featuring Peter Reinhart—Perfect Pizza At Home.  Reinhart is a chef and has written several books on the art of baking bread.  It was an awesome class—I learned some great tips and today the class paid off—lunch was delicious!!

This afternoon I finished Jeane’s quilt and started getting another customer quilt for Donna ready for the frame. 

About 4:30 we all suited up, including Emmi and headed out for a cold, cold walk!  Slogging up the hill in five inches of new snow is a breath taker too!!  Emmi has homemade boots for when the temps are really cold, otherwise the snow sticks up inside the pads of her feet making her stop and hold her foot up with a pathetic, “help me” look on her face. 




  1. beautiful pictures...although i dont want it :) gonna be cold here in TN this weekend but no snow thank goodness :)

  2. That is real shocker after 62! But, boy, is it beautiful! I'll enjoy the snow through your eyes:)

  3. Your photos are spectacular. I just said to hubby,I have to get my heavy coat out, 'cause that cold air you have, is moving this way. We did get a little snow last night. Saturday is our opening day of deer hunting and the high is only expected to be 24. Tavern business will be booming!!!!

  4. That picture of Emmi walking in the footsteps is just wonderful. We're having a wet cold front go through here tomorrow and the high temperatures are supposed to drop into the 60's.

  5. Well you made me feel much better about the temps in South Carolina recently. I have a whole new attitde now. 62 sounds great. But 13 not so much.

  6. Beautiful photos of the snow and of Emmi. That's quite a drastic change in temperatures. I'll bet Emmi loves her boots in this stuff.

  7. With temps like that, my thoughts would be turning to head south!

  8. YIKES!! And here I am complaining about a little ice on our ponds!! Poor you!! Any thoughts about heading south?? haha I know of a great place that has a super Quilting community...and Road to California Quilt Show...and Shop Hops...QS road trips...Just sayin'!!

  9. Janna, that shift in weather reminds me of my youth when living in Alberta. We are now in Death Valley - where rain is seldom seen - and the weather folks are calling for rain these next few days. Weather is weather!
    We'll take whatever comes; as will you.

    Your photos are really nice....but I kind of like the green space we have here.


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