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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday On The Boulder

Another cold start to our day, 16 degrees and the temps just barely made it above freezing all day.  The sun shown all day and a lot of our snow on the south facing slopes left—yea! 


Michael worked on the 1995 diesel truck for most of the day—when we hauled that trailer to town the other day, we could smell brakes getting hot.  Seems the emergency brake cable was the culprit—not any more, the cowboy fixed it.

For lunch we enjoyed some more of the Pioneer Woman Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork—I froze the rest in two serving sized bags—the pork will be something we can heat up quickly while traveling—when we depart the frozen north shortly after Christmas.  Marty and Roz—I hope you went to the link I provided to Pioneer Woman’s actual recipe—there are a couple more steps she mentions such as using the cooking liquid to moisten the meat before serving. 

Paulette asked where we go when we travel south—it’s usually anybody’s guess.  Usually Arizona, one year it was Florida (too far), and sometimes Texas.  This year we are stopping in Utah, Nevada and probably on into Arizona.  We have lots of friends in AZ we would love to hook up with.  You never know with the cowboy behind the wheel! Smile

I spent the rest of the day working on Christmas projects—it’s a secret!  But here’s something which isn’t a secret anymore—I gave Jeane her little modern quilt yesterday and she loved it—so did I!!



Tonight we are heading into town with Nancy and Geoff to see a movie—shocked??  We never go to the movies but Las Vegas is showing—it stars Michael Douglas and Morgan Freeman plus a couple others I can’t remember.  And, we’ve not been to the movie theater since it has gone digital and been spruced up!  Will let you know what we thought of the movie.


  1. How nice to have mechanic in the house. One more job done.

    The quilt looks great Janna. Even I can tell there was a lot of creativity and work involved.

    Just received word from JB that the package arrived at their place today.

  2. Its cold here too!! December 26 we'll leave our son's home in Mpls, heading for AZ, can't wait, I'm freezing and hate to be cold!!!

  3. Stunning picture and you are sucha gifted artist with your quilts.

  4. Just keeping tabs on you...can't having you wandering aimlessly out in the desert!! haha Lovely quilt...lucky Jeane! I bet she was thrilled!!
    Keep warm!

    1. Ditto for me. Arizona got hit pretty hard by that storm this week, hopefully that'll be it for the rest of the winter..


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