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Friday, November 22, 2013

Ladies Day Out

We had a great time in Bozeman today, Jill, Jeane, Nancy and myself—Nancy picked me up and was gracious enough to humor my memory loss by taking me by the clinic and waiting while I had blood drawn. SmileThe clinic was having its twice yearly health fair type blood draw—it’s an inexpensive way to get a major amount of information at a low cost—$90 for a complete blood screening plus a vitamin D test.  The clinic won’t file insurance claims for these tests—cash only-- but do give you the form for submission to your insurance company.

Meeting at Jill’s we all piled into Jeane’s new Highlander and off we went to the big city of Bozeman for a fun day of shopping/laughing/lunch/shopping/eating/talking.  It was such a relaxed day—we are an extremely compatible group—no hurry, no worries.  I managed to do some Christmas shopping and lots of window shopping.  Bozeman is such a great town for browsing, lunching, and special gift buying.  I am almost finished with my Christmas shopping!!

I had the privilege of driving Jeane’s new car home—what a nice driving rig—at one time I was VERY glad there wasn’t a policeman around when I looked at the speedometer!!  We arrived at Jill’s, sorted out the bags, said goodbye and headed up the Boulder. 

Michael and Emmi had a good day—they went to Big Timber for truck parts, stopped at Granddad’s and ate some Cheetoes—I usually frown on Michael’s eating Cheetoes—that’s his “when the wife is not around” snack! Winking smile

A very good day in Montana.


  1. Cheetos and shopping - I think you both had great days.

  2. I'm so glad you had the chance to connect with friends for some laughs, giggles, and retail therapy!!!

  3. Sounds like great fun! As to Cheetos, I just spent a week helping at a Red Cross temporary shelter set up for families displaced by an agricultural community's fire. 72 people with 20 children. I opened the "canteen" each morning and set up the coffee pot and hot water for oatmeal and cocoa. Some of those mama's let their elementary age kids get Cheetos for breakfast. (The Cheetos had been donated and were sitting on a table behind other stuff so they were hidden away for later in the day, but...) I had a hard time passing those out, but we "Crossers" don't hold back.

  4. Your day sounded wonderful!! Nothing like a girls' day out!! I have had two days in a row of 'girls days' out...I'm pooped!! I need some home time/stitching time!! :o)))
    Take care!

    1. That's right! Now, it's my turn! Nothing wrong with Cheeto's.

  5. Getting out for a day with friends is something Jeanette does with her group of friends too. Nice! Nothing better than having some fun with like minded people.

  6. Ahh, when the cat's away, the mouse will play!!!

    Glad you had the opportunity to meet with girlfriends for a fun day:)


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