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Monday, November 18, 2013

iPad Mini Deals

Did anyone notice the blog Chris over at Technomadia posted over the weekend about “Millenicom’s ridiculously awesome iPad Mini deals”????  The cowboy and I are diehard Millenicom and Straight Talk fans—we favor these easy to use cell phone and internet companies over traditional ones such as Verizon due to our circumstances.  We live miles and miles from the nearest cell tower—no cell service at our house, zip, nada, unless you want to hike up the hill into the hay field to what Gina and Rollie refer to as the “phone booth”.  The views from the phone booth are to die for but with a foot of snow on the ground and a howling wind—not so pleasant!!!

Millenicom and Straight Talk have what we need which is internet only when we are traveling and an affordable cell phone which we can use when we are out and about away from the ranch.   Our home internet is DSL provided by our local telephone co-op.  Our Straight Talk Samsung smart phone costs us about $45 per month—no contract, month to month billing and unlimited talk, text and 2G data.  We did have to buy the phone which cost about $150 if I remember correctly.

Millenicom has plans which include a 20GB data plan for $70 per month and an unlimited data plan for $80 per month.  Millenicom allows you to activate and disconnect service at will—we activate our plan when traveling, shut it down when we get home and back to our land line DSL. 

So, with all that said, check out Chris’ post—the deals on iPads were too good to pass up and rumor has it Santa has placed his order for this household.  Can you believe it Rollie????

Talk about coincidence—4 years ago today we were a two man Demolition Crew, removing most of the windows and doors from Lonnie and LoraLee’s house before the rest of the structure was destroyed.  Those windows were hauled home in our gooseneck stock trailer where they have resided ever since—guess we don’t need to haul horses very often.  Today we unloaded the windows, doors and partially unloaded the five garage doors we also had hauled home—everything went in Michael’s new shed—with room to spare.  That was a hard afternoons’ work!!!  

Michael was reading an online article on Market Watch and saw this photo:

Jack St. Malo and OlympusThe rig going out to sea in the foreground of the photo is Olympus, the rig in the background is Jack St. Malo—Rollie’s rig.  Great photo! 

Another productive day in Montana.


  1. Interesting offer from Millenicom. I believe they are now using T-Mobile as a carrier and I don't know anything about them other than the ads they have on TV. It seems like a pretty good deal.

    If you do end up getting an iPad then you'll be thrilled to read the information I'm posting in my blog tomorrow morning!! No teasers!

    1. Millenicom uses Verizon (our Millenicom aircard works off the Verizon network), they used to offer Sprint until that deal recently fell through, now they are offering these iPads with 3 months free data service from T-Mobile. T-Mobile will probably not work here in Montana but it will in AZ we think. When the three months is up we will decide whether to activate a Verizon card in the iPad or just use it strictly on wifi networks.

  2. that is just one BIG 'thing'.. almost like a town on there and all of those lights.... can't figure how it gets from one place to another and what makes it stay where they want it to!!!

  3. Impressive rig for sure. Can't wait until my Verizon contract is up so we can add more data at a reasonable price. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Never heard of them. But will have to do some checking. We can't get cell service here either. We use track phones when we are away. Our internet carrier is Hughes Net to the tune of $75/month. Pricey but reliable!! We both have lap tops and take them with anytime we are away for longer than a day!!

  5. Our experience pricing the Verizon SIM card for our iPad Mini -- with 6 Gigs & no contract -- is $50/month. Because Verizon has such a vast network of cell towers (largest coverage in the US) we felt it might be worth going with the biggest. Millenicom could be a worthwhile option to investigate.


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