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Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Saturday Party

No new snow this morning just lingering mud! Smile Friday morning when we took our walk the wind was blowing and judging by these photographs, the wind was REALLY blowing up on the mountain tops.

IMG_9225-001IMG_9226The puffy whiteness on top of some of the peaks is not clouds—it’s blowing snow—BRRR!

I’ve spent the day getting ready for our little dinner party tonight—Sarge and Sarah plus Ken and Lesley will be joining us—Sarge, Michael and Ken attended high school together.  Ken and Lesley have lived here on the East Boulder for a long, long time!

We are having a sirloin roast, smashed potatoes, green beans and a Cesar salad.  For dessert—I hope it tastes as good as it looks, crème brulee—one of my favorites!


Michael spent his day puttering—putting stuff away in the new shed and doing a little bit of “honey do” work.

Life is good.


  1. Indeed very beautiful scenery. Reminds of the mountains we looked from house in Norway, including the blowing snow. Your dinner sure sounds delicious.

  2. Way toooo cold. But beautiful. Creme brulee is by far my favorite dessert ever. Yours looks fantastic.

  3. Life is Good!! Dinner sounds perfect to accompany those chilly photos! Beautiful Creme Brulee:)

  4. WOW!! I'm coming over to your house! Creme Brulee is my ALL TIME favourite!! I would climb a mountain or two to get to it!! does look wind and cold! Would love the recipe...hint...hint...:o))

    1. I'll second Paulette's request for the recipe!!

  5. It looks like one would get blown off the mountain tops in your photos.

    A get together with your friends sounds like a truly fun time. God luck with that. The menu is most inviting too.


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