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Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Cold Thursday

Wow, it was minus 1 degree this morning when Michael got up, never got above 25 degrees all day in spite of bright blue skies and as I type this it is 9 degrees—gonna be another cold one tonight!

We geared up and took a walk—before we left I replaced the zipper in my “walking” coat and made Emmi a new set (four) socks!  Industrious I would say before 8am!  Let me tell you, we walked fast!

IMG_9311-001It was frosty, frosty—the snow crunched as we walked and our cheeks quickly became rosy!

Off to yoga for me and we had a full house—eight of us.  Lesley brought a friend, Mary, who with her husband is a private pilot—what a cool job!  Julia led us through a fabulous workout and had us all groaning by the end!

We sold our enclosed trailer—the one we hauled the jeep in behind the motorhome and I used for my quilting while we were in Texas.  We would like to take our ATV’s and the jeep with us when we head south—that trailer was just a tad too narrow and short.  It is also our plan to install solar on top of the trailer and Michael felt that trailer wasn’t heavy duty enough to carry our toys and the solar system.  So, the cowboy is living on Craigslist these days searching for a new trailer.   We sold it to friends and delivered it to Big Timber this afternoon.  Wow—the roads were treacherous as were the streets in Big Timber—I almost bit the dust outside Ace Hardware or shall we say bit the ice!!

Our little town still has a grain elevator/feed store/ranch supply store—I’ve always loved to go there and drive up and under/next to the grain elevator.  I go in, tell them what I want, they make out a ticket, I sign my name and off I go—someone comes out and puts my sunflower seeds in the truck.  At the end of the month, we get a bill.  Small town and I love it!


On the way to and from town we saw 5 bald eagles—we occasionally see eagles this time of year but five in one day is a lot!  I only had the Canon point and shoot, thus my distance photos are not the greatest.

IMG_2905IMG_2909Such majestic birds!

I made the Pioneer Woman Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork recipe again today—that stuff is delicious!!!  A 5 pound pork butt roast, one can of chipotle peppers, 2 cans of Dr. Pepper and 2 tablespoons of brown sugar.  Oh, and an onion cut into wedges—put the pork on top of the onion wedges, pour the chipotle peppers on top of the roast, pour in the Dr. Pepper and lastly, stir in the brown sugar.  Cover with a lid and  bake for about 5-6 hours at 300 degrees.  Check and if the meat is not falling apart, cook longer.  I make this recipe, we eat it for lunch one day then I freeze the rest in one meal size portions for Michael and I.  Makes a good meal to fix while traveling in the motorhome. 

Life is good! 


  1. I'm froze just thinking about -1. That would definitely be comfort food weather.

  2. That recipe is in my file now and will be made over the weekend....can almost smell it cooking..Thanks.

  3. Love your small town grain elevator. We used to have one where we used to live, but in the name of progress it went by the wayside. Small towns are the best, as long as you keep your mouth shut!!!!

  4. So where do you go when you head south?? Texas? Got to keep tabs on you, you know..!!

  5. Cold. Very cold. I'll be looking forward to seeing the new trailer and the reno's that Michael will be making to it.

  6. I love those small town conveniences because everyone know each other. We are presently in Atlanta having an early Thanksgiving with our son. I just said to John last night that Torrey, Utah is looking better and better for a part time home someday. We are not crowded city/town people. We live simply and don't need much. I love reading about your wide open spaces and beautiful scenery. A nature lovers paradise:)

    You were most definitely industrious!! I'm not even up until 8:00 most mornings...haha!

  7. The new toy trailer behind your motor coach will clearly surpass our total length. We sure see a lot of motor homes towing trailers with small vehicles and motorcycles or quads. Sure keeps the toys nice and clean. is cold. And that is what we will face when we head to Alberta, after Christmas, to welcome a new grandchild.


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