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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Shopping Trip

Nothing exciting, only parts to repair the poor little Tin Tee Pee.  I went to yoga this morning and Michael started working on the trailer.  By the time I got back he knew what parts were needed and of course they weren’t obtainable in Big Timber—yep, we were off to Billings again.  I think the Cadillac could probably go there all on its own! 

We dropped off a customer quilt in town, picked up a couple things at the auto parts store and were in Billings by just after 4pm.  The RV parts store, Home Depot, Lowe’s and of course Costco.  By 8pm we were home with everything put away. 

Tammy and Joe are here, coming up to visit Michael and Emmi while I was at yoga.  They came bearing gifts—See’s Candy and beer—not just any beer, Joe is the marketing director for Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.  He brought us their seasonal beer—Celebration and a dark/chocolate/sweet beer called Narwhal—Joe said if we didn’t like the Narwhal to drink, some people were making ice cream floats out of it—hmmmmmm?? 

IMG_9329Is it gonna fit????IMG_9331

IMG_9333Yep, all the toys fit.  This trailer does not weigh much more than our previous cargo trailer although it is longer.  The extra weight is in the ATV’s which weigh about 1000 pounds total.  I guess I will bring less quilting stuff??  or less food??—there are grocery stores where we are going, right?? 

Another busy day in the Boulder.


  1. So you do not subscribe to the travel light system:)

  2. I think Billings needs to put out the red carpet for you wish as much time and money as you spend there. Glad all the toys fit. Toys are the most important thing.

  3. That cargo trailer seems to fit the required need for your RVing journey.

  4. So happy it fit. Missing you guys when are you heading South?

  5. Good to see you have your priorities in line:) As you said, there are food stores just about everywhere, and losing weight isn't a bad thing! But, not having your quilting items could be a big problem. Glad the trail worked out!!!

  6. I agree...the food has got to go!! Although...there are tons of nice quilting shops in Arizona!! Just sayin'...

  7. Looking good, now that pink motorhome won't look right without its yellow jeep following behind, but with those summer treads on the Jeep it is better off inside anyway.

  8. Chocolate beer? Sounds gross - but, on ice cream who knows? Looking forward to seeing pics of the trailer repair. I'm surprised you got all the parts so fast - Montana must be too cold for Mr. Murphy right now.


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