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Friday, November 15, 2013

Jack St. Malo Goes To Sea

Well, the big news around here today—the Jack St. Malo rig went to sea out of Ingleside, TX very early this morning.  This is the rig Michael worked on and the rig which Rollie is still working on.  Chuck, Mom’s husband stuck with it after we left and drove that van around in circles day after day finishing up today.  He and Mom had no trouble selling the travel trailer Gina and I looked and looked for—the first person who came and looked at it bought the trailer.  Mom and Chuck are heading home to Arkansas tomorrow—they are ecstatic!!

Mom got up bright and early, riding the ferry out to the island so she could see the rig come through the ship channel.  She took the following photos.  Rollie is riding the rig out to sea—he should have come out and waved at Mom!! Smile



The rest of our day wasn’t as exciting, just the normal.  The cowboy manufactured  a frame for me to use in rug making—as if I needed another hobby!!!  I finished up another customer quilt and loaded one for Jeane.  Tonight while we were enjoying a glass of wine my dear husband may have earned himself sleeping quarters in the cold, cold motorhome—he beat me THREE times playing cribbage and skunked me twice!!  Winking smile


  1. could that possibly be Rollie in the first pic to the right next to the boom ? its a person but not sure :/ You will get Michael next time :)

  2. That must be an incredible sight - watching them take that rig out to sea. I've been skunked at cribbage more times than I care to remember. But I still like the dumb game.

  3. That rig is huge - I imagine it goes pretty slow while moving.

  4. Not to worry...once in awhile we have got to LET them win...haha


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