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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Today Was Monday, Right

At least that’s what I’ve thought all day.  It was another unusual weather day—warm and sunny, 58 degrees in Billings where we spent the day with Lonn and LoraLee.  On the way to town this morning to meet them at Nat’s I bet we saw 250 head of deer in the various hay fields along the Boulder road.  Michael said it was like running a gauntlet when the dang suicidal things jump out in the road!!! 


A slow news day but here is some news I forgot—bad aunt!!  I didn’t really forget her birthday, sent her a gift but I usually mention it on the blog.  November 9th was my sweet niece Niki’s birthday—she’s a special girl to me, always has been. 

Niki on the left in Maui this spring with her girlfriend, Kerri.

And that’s about it for our day—a not very news worthy one. 


  1. With all you snowy photos it is nice to know you got a little warm air:)

  2. We were pretty warm here yesterday as well - darn grass is growing again.

  3. As Rick wrote, it did warm up nicely with the sun out and that made for easy RV packing for us.


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