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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Errands On Top Of Errands

Wow, it was 15 degrees here this morning!  I wimped out, sending Michael and Emmi off on a walk while I got myself ready to go.  We headed down the hill just after 8:30 this morning and rolled back up the driveway about 6:30pm.  It was go, go all day!

We made a multitude of stops just in Big Timber—flu shots, picking up quilts, tire shop, birthday present shopping for my favorite niece, post office—on and on the list went!  We finally got to Nat’s and left Emmi to keep him company before heading off to Billings.

First stop was at the Laurel Wal Mart then lunch at CJ’s—remember we went there a few weeks ago and remarked that many of the folks who used to work there were no longer—well, they must have just had a day off as both of them greeted us like long lost friends.  Another excellent lunch.

Then more errands—Michael was on Craigslist last night finding a tool for wheel and axle alignment at a very reasonable price—we picked it up in Billings. 

On to Costco—last errand spot of the day for me and I am now the proud owner of a Roomba!!  My friend Nancy has one and loves it plus the reviews on Amazon were very positive—I will let you know how I like the thing—it will probably freak poor Emmi out!

Whew—what a day as are all our Billings days!  Getting my hair cut while Michael visited Harbor Freight was the last event of the day.  Back at Nat’s we visited for a while—Costco had the flannel lined pants he wanted so Nat was a happy camper.



  1. Brrrrrrr 15 is cold. But winter is making its entrance!!! Our son has a rumba, they love it!! Floors are always free of dog hair. They have two big hairy dogs. If I don't have dog hair on my socks when I visit, I'm a happy camper.

  2. Skitz would hate your roomba. She freaks out if we put the fan on oscillating. I don't think I could have forced myself out the door at 15 degrees.

  3. I'm hoping you'll show us just what the heck a roomba is.

  4. I thought Roomba was a dance. Pretty busy day but I guess at 15 degrees one has to keep moving just to stay warm.

  5. Hey Janna, let's ROOMBA !!! It doesn't do stairs and the BEAR'LL get Ms Emmi if you have to put her outside when you use the ROOMBA !!! Maybe you can do it while she's up at Mike's new workshop... I bet it cleans the quilting trailer in a hurry... Anyway you've got a new toy, so Mike can get him another project truck to work on.... Hope y'all get some warm underwear and don't freeze...
    I can't keep Joyce from running into town 2-3 times aday and y'all run over to Billings 2-3 times a month; gas must be down below $3 up there... Glad I don't have any place to have to go !!!

  6. I'll be interested to get your thoughts on the Roomba. That was once busy day of running around but it seems you did accomplish all on your errands list.


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