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Friday, November 29, 2013

It’s Not Santa

IMG_9368It’s the cowboy cleaning the chimney!  Our downstairs stove had started to smoke rather nasty causing Michael to decide it was time to clean the chimney.  By the time we were finished both of us were just a mite filthy!!

After I finished blog reading and my coffee this morning I started hauling all the Christmas stuff upstairs.  Throughout the day I worked on getting our tree set up—I said on Facebook, “I wish someone would invent a tree you could take out of the box, shake and it would be ready to go.”  I got some interesting replies—a couple friends said they leave their trees decorated, cover them and store in their storage/basement rooms.  Greg and Jan have an interesting fold up tree for their motorhome.  I could leave our tree decorated but it won’t fit upright in any of our storage rooms! Smile

We bought this tree in 2001 on sale at Home Depot I think—our living room isn’t very large but has 10’ ceilings and this tree is tall and skinny, making it fit just right.  Twelve years later it is still in really good shape—it isn’t pre-lit so we have to fight the battle every year with strands of lights not working but once decorated it is beautiful. 

Michael worked on the Tin Tee Pee and I finished up a little wool project--


That’s about it for our Black Friday—no crazy shopping for us although I did get online and shop just a little. 


  1. That table runner is beautiful! Looks like a lovely Christmas tree to me.

  2. I agree with the Odd Essay!! Gorgeous table just pops that table!! You tell Michael to get down off that slip and there goes your winter south! Not to mention the legs or back...or worse! YIKES!!

  3. Ask Ms Pat about those ladders........

  4. I am starting to get nervous as I have not even considered looking for the Christmas decorations yet:(

  5. Well, he's already got the red shirt on! He just needs the proper Santa hat. *thinks* Christmas decorations. Right. Drat.

  6. haha I love your Title and the picture to go with it. It made me laugh. What a beautiful Table Runner!!!

  7. I'm sure Santa Claus will really appreciate all of Michael's hard work cleaning the chimney for him!

  8. I do believe lights are the worst part of the tree. I tried buying a tree with lights already part of it but found they were skinny and sparse. I tend to be a big fat type tree person. Don't forget to post a picture of the tree!!!

  9. Michael is knocking off those required jobs to be sure all is well before you leave for hotter climes. It's necessary to do too....considering that you were getting some smoke in the house.

    Nice runner.

    Well, the result with the new Millenicom iPad is great! No complaints and it works great. I am sure you will find your iPad will be quick to set up and will meet your expectations. Thanks again for the tip!


    Here's your pull up and it's decorated and ready to go tree! LOL It's funny but I saw this tree just today and thought it was perfect for anyone who hates decorating one. LOVE that runner!


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