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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hard To Fool The Cowboy

Yesterday for lunch I decided to serve some cauliflower—you see, the cowboy doesn’t like cauliflower in any shape or form.  So, I thought I would fool him and mash the cauliflower like Ms. Pat does for Mike!  I added some garlic and one very small potato to the boiling cauliflower, mashing it all together with some butter and milk when it was done.  The cowboy took one bite, then another, then said, “is there any chance you got cauliflower mixed in with the potatoes???”  I lost it, laughing until tears ran down my face—needless to say, he didn’t eat any more of it but I loved it!!! 

Remember our two feet of snow in early October—it was a heavy, wet snow and the leaves were still on the trees.  We lost lots of branches and tree tops in that storm—today was clean-up day.  Michael cut--

IMG_9266while I used the Kawasaki mule to haul 12 loads to the burn pile and to the firewood pile.  By lunch time we were both about done in!  Chicken fajitas for lunch then Michael went out to the motorhome and dismantled our reclining loveseat to see if he could add some foam to the cushions.  We purchased that loveseat in Louisiana while visiting Gina and Rollie one Christmas.  The foam in the seats didn’t last very long and my handy cowboy thought he could replace the seat foam—he’s right and he can, he’s on the internet as I type this blog searching for foam!  

I hauled a few more loads to the burn pile and then started in on more fun projects—quilting Jeane’s quilt.  I love it when the thread color choice is perfect, the tension is perfect and the design I chose is perfect—everything is perfect. 

Wow—did our weather ever deteriorate!!!  About 4pm it started snowing horizontally and the temps dropped—winter is back!

IMG_9268IMG_9271I bet Al knew this but I didn’t—when you take a photo with the flash on in a snowstorm, the snowflakes show up—I was thrilled when I started working with these photos in Picasa!  


  1. Haha! Really thought you could sneak that cauliflower in there and pass it off as mashed potatoes!! I love it, too! Good try!

    Love that you have the snowflakes in the photo!! I'll remember that next time I see snow, which I hope is a L O N G time!!

  2. great job hiding the cauliflower!!...I see a few 'snowmen' in your future!!

  3. The cauliflower bit made me laugh out loud! :)

  4. I didn't know cauliflower even had a taste! It's pretty bland stuff and not my favourite that's for sure.

    Snowflakes will reflect light just like water - nice pics of your wintery weather.

  5. Funny story about trying to sneak some cauliflower off with the mashed spuds. You are right! You could not fool the cowboy. I personally enjoy cauliflower...and I like the way Jeanette prepares it.

    SNOW! Yikes......! I actually don't mind snow....especially in photos. LOL

  6. I love caulifower, but don't understand why it has gone up so much in price. Used to get it under 2 bucks, not it's often up to 4 bucks a piece.

  7. Shucks, I always thought that was mashed potatoes!!!! :-) I love it, but NOBODY can make it like Ms Pat does.......sorry. Some COWDOYS don't know what's good for them!! :-)
    Were waitin for ya down here......Beautiful weather. we both shot 100 rounds apiece at the pistol match yesterday..........


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