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Thursday, November 14, 2013

We Have Callouses

And not where most people get callouses—these are on our rear ends!!!  Off to Billings again this morning with Nat having to be at the dental office by 9am—that’s early for three retired people!!!  We chose to live in paradise and have to pay the price—yep, there is a dentist in Big Timber but both Nat and myself have had uncomfortable experiences with him and seek our dental care elsewhere.  Nat’s dentures needed some help and if he was to go home with teeth intact we had to spend the entire day waiting for the work to be done.

So, Ms. Emmi got to go along, we all spent some time sitting in the car with her—Michael and I did some shopping and we had lunch.  Poor Nat had to eat soup and ice cream—although if you think about it—that’s not such a bad lunch!

Now we are back home with plans to go no where for a few days! 

On the way into Big Timber in the dark this morning we saw a herd of about 50 elk on one of the ranches—glad their were eating and not darting across the road!

Bringing Them in4blogRecycled photos I ran across—taken on the A Bar A Ranch in southern Wyoming in 2008. 

Bringing Them in2blog

North Platte River


  1. The dentist is one doctor with whom you want to feel comfortable!! Soup and ice cream sounds wonderful to me!

  2. Jim would want the soup and ice cream regardless of his teeth. Especially the ice cream part. You guys really do put the miles on your vehicles.

  3. Well I think I am going to have a little ice cream therapy here myself now.

    I love the first horses shot with the dust.

  4. Beautiful horse photos. is that time of year. Ice cream...double yum.

  5. That was a long, long day, no doubt. Longer for Nat but a lunch of soup and ice cream kinds of sound good to me.

    Lovely photos of those horses at full gallop in the dust.

  6. As I was scrolling down reading this post I saw you wrote "we saw a herd of about 50 elk" and right below it was a beautiful photo of a bunch of wild horses - about 50 of them! I thought to myself "Janna's losing it"!!

    Then, just to destroy my amusement completely, I scrolled down to see you were posting old photos of the horses. Darn!!

    Great wild horse photos, though!


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