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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Preparations

I think I should have stayed out of the kitchen today!!  I consider myself to be a good cook as does the cowboy but I’ve just never been a pie crust maker.  Decided to try my hand again at making a “real” pie crust for the apple pie—wrong decision!  I tossed two batches of pie dough before I finally made one which held together long enough to get into the pie plate!  It ‘s not Brenda caliber but it looks pretty—we will see how it tastes tomorrow!


On to the next mess—pizza for lunch—remember I was bragging about the pizza I made last week, everything about it was right—well things didn’t go so great today!!  The dough wouldn’t cooperate (must be a dough thing today!), I finally got the pizza made but when I went to slide it from the pizza peel onto the hot baking stone in the oven, it wouldn’t budge.  When it finally did budge, it budged cheese and sauce off the far side of the crust onto the stone—that made for a smoky mess in my kitchen! 

And that wasn’t the last mess!  At home in Arkansas one of our traditional dishes is a jello based salad called Sinful Salad.  It has strawberry jello, strawberries, bananas, pineapple, and pecans with a layer of sour cream between.  As I was dumping the bananas into the jello, somehow I managed to pour RED jello down the front of the kitchen cabinet and onto the floor—which I had just mopped!! 

The cowboy better not even think about asking, “what’s for supper!”  Smile I am too tired to clean up any more messes!

I am still loving Gertrude, the Roomba vacuum—that little thing does the best job!  You do have to move some stuff around—I have to block her path to our coffee table—she gets hung up under there and has to be rescued! 


Michael has worked on the Tin Tee Pee all day and is still out there—it’s looking good! 

Chuck and Anneke commented on last nights’ blog: “So you do not subscribe to the travel light system:)”  I guess we don’t, Smile!  It’s kind of a joke in our family—when we had a fifth wheel pulled by our one ton Ford dually, Michael would chastise me all the time about taking too much stuff.  When we bought this used 1995 Country Coach it came with a 450hp engine—now when he tells me I can’t take something I say, “but that 450 will pull anything!”  Seriously, we are careful about weight—we both watch what we are packing.

John is going to miss seeing our yellow jeep behind our pink bus—I’m not. Smile We talked about getting some pink decals for the trailer!  Winking smile

Another busy, good day on the Boulder and at least we didn’t have to go to Billings!


  1. Oh man do I ever hate it when everything goes wrong in the kitchen. I only had two messes to mop up off the floor today!!. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mike!!

  2. The pie looks beautiful. I am sure it is going to be yummy!

    Sorry you had such a rough time in the kitchen. Hope all goes well tomorrow:)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Great looking pie. Funny, t just happens that Anneke and our local daughter had a pie crust competition today. All of Anneke's crusts ended up in the trash:)

  4. Janna you are a wonderful cook and your pie looks awesome. Did you roll it out on wax paper and then transfer it to your pie plate? Some people including me, hands are to warm to work with pie dough. That could be the problem.

  5. Your pie looks great….I'll be the Guinea Pig….

  6. My motto is pack that you can bring home MORE!! :o))

  7. Happy Thanksgiving. Hope yal have a wonderful day. I'll bet that pie turned out wonderful.

  8. Your pie, I'm guessing Apple, looks terrific. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day, all the best to you and Michael - and Emmi too of course.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving! Ah, yes, packing for RVing is often a test. Good luck with that.

    We trust today will flow smoothly from your kitchen to the table. All the best.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving. Send the pie this way - I think it looks yummy. Wonder if your weather has anything to do with your dough issues. I don't make pies so don't really have a clue. Be sure to share just a little of that turkey with Miss Emmi.


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