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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I Was On A Roll

Early this morning I made a list for the day:

1.  Call the animal shelter.

2.  Arrange our appointments

3.  Yoga and the treadmill

4.  Quilt

Before I could even start on my list Michael suggested we split firewood and we spent the morning doing exactly that.  In between walking and splitting firewood I started the washing machine and Gertrude (the Roomba).  I am absolutely in love with Gertrude—she does a fantastic job of keeping our floors clean!!

While making lunch I started in on my list—getting the first two things done.  Why was I calling the animal shelter—we have been over run with mice this year—and thought it might be time to get some cats.  The shelter had three cats they thought might work for us—barn cats, a little on the wild side and supposedly good mousers. 

OK—I am NOT a cat person, never have been—I’m a dog person.  In spite of not liking cats I didn’t want anything to happen to an animal in my care while we are gone in the winter time and we didn’t want to bother someone to feed the cats for us.  So, I talked to our friend Robyn who is a cat person—she recommended we go the poison route instead of cats.  Robyn said the cats probably wouldn’t stay at the shed, they would get eaten by a coyote, cats weren’t great self feeders (we had talked about getting one of those self feeders), etc.  So no cats for now.

Michael changed the oil in the motorhome this afternoon, I did some yoga and ran on the treadmill.  I hate exercising but I also hate not eating even more—so it’s more exercise! 

And I quilted—whew!!—that was quite the list but it’s all done and I may even summon the energy after supper to finish the quilt which is on the frame—I only have less than a hour to go on it. 


Lot’s of sunshine today—our early morning temperature was much warmer than in Arkansas where my family lives.  It was almost 60 degrees this afternoon—but ole man winter is on his way again.


  1. Be careful! You know what happened to me when after publicly proclaiming my dislike for cats! I agree with you though . . I hate it when critters get eaten by coyotes or other wild animals. Good luck with the mice.

  2. It's interesting to read your take on cats. I too hated cats. Period! When I met Jeanette, she had a cat and the darned thing became my friend. Over the years we have had three beautiful Main Coon purebred cats and they were very interactive with humans. Hard to believe....but true! So....I grew to like them. Jeanette is a cat lady. Cats are attracted to her and she has this unbelievable ability to communicate with them.

    So....over the years, I've grown to actually enjoy cats - not all but some purebreds are fantastic. We choose to have no pets now because of our busy lifestyle. We need not bother anyone to look after them when we are away.

    Here is what I do like about cats. I don't have to walk them! They are easy to please....and aren't demanding.

  3. Our barn cats stay at the barn but they do seem to reduce the mouse population around the place. We just have a huge tub that takes a whole bag of food to fill and it lasts them over a month so it is not a huge issue for someone to feed them on that infrequent schedule. It took us a while but we seem to have reached the perfect number of cats, how many is that, I am not sure but we have a self sustaining population now and although we do see some traces of mice once in a while it is a lot less frequent than when we had no cats.

    1. JB--but don't you get skunks and raccoons eating that food too???? We thought about doing exactly that but Robyn said they get other critters eating the cat food too.

  4. I take the 5TH......... My kitty is from Heaven, sent to me by my Son who is also in Heaven. She is an Angel Kitty. That's my story and I'm stickin to it!!

    1. Yes, Mike you do have a nice cat--Ms. Megabyte is a special kitty.

  5. I'm not really a cat person either but I had cats for several years. I prefer dogs. But I really don't like mice so I would definitely be using that poison stuff. You accomplished a whole lot in a day. Todd was telling us that the weather is just screwy with being warm one day and snow the next.

  6. as you know we have a kitty too...he is not a mouser or anything like that..just a cat who eats and sleeps and torments the least he thinks that is what his 'job is'!

  7. I have a friend that works at a shelter in SW MO. Someone brought in a tiny barn owl. It was dying. The vet thinks it was poisoned from eating a mouse that had been poisoned. :-(

  8. I've never liked cats. Don't like mice either. What a dilemma.


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