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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Chico Hot Springs

Established in 1897, Chico Hot Springs is one of Montana’s treasures.  I had only been there for dinner once before, never to soak in the pools.  There are two outdoor pools, one totally open to the sky, the other hotter pool is under a roof.  Both pools have a fabulous view of the mountains.   There is a fine dining restaurant, a bar restaurant and a poolside café.  The original hotel is so unique you expect to see a ghost coming around the corner at any minute—lots of little nooks and crannies, lodging rooms in every corner, lots of long hallways with dark wooden doors.  Mine and Boo’s room had red flocked wallpaper—we almost needed our sunglasses to sleep!  The original hotel portion of Chico Hot Springs is old—some of the rooms do not have a private bath but use a shared bath down the hall.  Our rooms had private baths.  Over the years Chico has expanded its lodging and meeting room facilities so there are modern rooms, cabins and chalets but the old hotel portion has a certain charm!  They have a winter special which begins after the first of the year—I’m going to try and drag the cowboy over there! 

Our yoga group had a marvelous time—we drank wine, ate the snacks we brought, spent hours soaking in the pools—laughing, talking, giggling, and doing a little yoga. 

IMG_2898Dinner last night in the fine dining room was awesome—I love the ambience of their restaurant and the food was great!  Some of the ladies returned to the pool after dinner but Boo and I called it a night. 

Early this morning I headed to the pool—there is just something about immersing yourself in 103 degree water when the outside temp is 30 degrees—heavenly!  There was one person out there at that hour—incredibly peaceful. 


IMG_2871-002Boo wasn’t in this photo—she had recently been sick with a cold and didn’t want to get wet and then cold which is what happens when you get out of 103 degree water and it is 30 degrees outside—BRRRR!!  It was enough to send us scurrying for our robes when we got out for any reason!





IMG_2866Our instructors—Julia on the left is our current yoga instructor, Ebbie on the right was our instructor and was able to join us for this little retreat. 

We enjoyed a buffet breakfast before heading back to Big Timber—a very good time!!


  1. Somehow missed your last post so this was a real surprise. What a great get away!

  2. What a charming place to go with the girls for a get away!! Looks like you had lots of fun!!!

  3. It's especially wonderful to sit in that warm water when there is snow on the mountains all around you. We've always stayed in one of the private rooms down the hill a little way. Their chef is so fantastic and the food is just incredible. Now you make me want to go there but I really don't like it in the summer.

  4. Beautifully explained about the hotel and the pool. Sounds you had a nice day.

  5. Ahhh, what a fun time with friends with winter upon you at a hot spring:)

  6. What a great spot. That pool at 103F is almost hot tub temperature no wonder it would be so hard to get out of to go to 30F. Great place for a girls' getaway.

  7. Great getaway spot. We can understand the draw to a 103 degree hot pool. I guess that raising a glass or two of wine could be considered a Yoga exercise, right?

  8. That looks fun. The old part of the Hotel would seem rustic, but not too sure going down the hall to the public toilet would be a good thing, LOL....

  9. That is the kind of place that FDR would have loved:)


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