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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Off To The Beach

A day off—let’s go to the beach!  Which is exactly what we did—we took the ferry and drove out to Mustang Island in Port Aransas walking and walking on the beach.  We were entertained by the birds, the waves and surfers.  IMG_5525IMG_5526IMG_5535After leaving the beach we drove across to the marina and walked onto the docks where boats of all shapes and sizes are docked.  I thought the name on this 43 foot sailboat was appropriate (don’t you Mary and Gene?) considering it is sitting in hurricane country!  IMG_5540

IMG_5545Even the dolphins turned out to entertain us today!

IMG_5547Our only other activity this afternoon was running over to Lowe’s—Michael needed some bifocal safety glasses which we found.  Rollie arrived back here around lunchtime—he went home to Louisiana to retrieve Gina’s car.  We had chicken fajitas for dinner—delicious—and enjoyed a bottle of the good wine I bought at Spec’s yesterday.  A couple walks to the dog park and that was our day. 

Oh, I did decorate our palm trees with Christmas lights this afternoon—very festive looking! 


  1. Being at the beach instead of in the snow - YES!!

  2. Sure sounds like you had fun day at the beach. It was a very nice way to spend the day.

  3. Wow, your day at the beach was eventful. Fun stuff to see. Being from the north, I don't know about a decorated Palm tree. Please show us your creativity!!!

  4. Sure is a beautiful looking beach. Nice to get that shot of the dolphin too! I guess we'll have to haul our Christmas Tree out of the garage soon!

  5. Hi Janna, I started reading your blog right before you left Montana. I am addicted! You have become part of my day. Could you please explain who Rollie is and where his wife Gina is living? It seems as if Rollie is eating a lot of meals with you but you don't mention where his wife might be. I just need to get caught up on your past life and family.....

  6. Thought that was Mike riding that surf board. Glad you are settling in there.


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