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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Air Conditioners and Car Shopping

The guys—Paul, Rollie and Michael—spent a large portion of the morning trying to decipher why our third air conditioner, the one in the bedroom, will not work.  No success—either the circuit board is bad or the whole air conditioner needs replacing.

OK—on to the next chore—getting Paul’s new air conditioner for his bedroom onto the roof of his 5th wheel RV.  The photos speak for themselves: 


Then we were off to look at a car/SUV—the SUV was in Alice, TX about a hour from here but we were in luck.  The owner was coming to Aransas Pass today to visit her mother.  We took the car for a test drive, we both loved it—there are some issues which may be insurmountable and if so—it wasn’t meant to be.  The car was made for me although—the front license plate is a big red Arkansas Razorback—the owners are from Mena, AR and are down here living in a RV and working on the oil/gas pipeline.

For the first time I made cookies—two different kinds—in my convection oven.  The cookies turned out wonderfully!  YUMMY!

Tomorrow we are having company—Ralph and Angie are driving over for the afternoon from San Antonio.  Rollie is going to cook up a batch of his ribs and I’m making Brenda’s world famous cheesy potatoes.

Rollie has gone to the airport to get Ms. Gina and I can’t wait for them to get back!


  1. I always worry when the guys are lugging stuff up to the roof. Glad everything turned out okay.

  2. homemade cookies and cheesy potatoes?..what time is dinner?

  3. Hi Janna, Any chance of sharing Brenda's cheese potatoe recipe? They sound so good. Bet you and Gina will have a lot of fun while the guys are off to work. Becki

  4. It will sure be good to see Gina. I miss that girl.... I envoy you guys and all your togetherness... Have fun. Maybe Rollie would give me a job! :-) Oh, he won't allow me on ladders

  5. There seems to be little time for boredom. It's nice to have three handy guys around to fix things though!.


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