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Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Day On Barnes Hill

I’ve been gone from home a long, long time but it sure is good to come back!  I love being with my family, listening to all the chatter, eating all the good food.  Things get noisy and hectic at times but it is still a pleasant time.

We were slow getting started this morning, Ann made us bacon, scrambled eggs and biscuits for breakfast.  Niki stopped by and dropped off two kids, the other niece had a basketball game.  Leah and G*** were having a great game of checkers—he had a little accident playing in the sink—thus no shirt.

  IMG_5628After breakfast we took a nice walk over onto the property Danny and Ann recently purchased.  G*** got to ride in the wagon and Princess Leah had to walk—a sad state of affairs according to her!  It is a beautiful day here, sunny and after a chilly morning—it’s been a warmer afternoon.  IMG_5630

IMG_5636Gabe must have felt sorry for Leah.

The drive up to Arkansas was good—the new car was so comfortable and drove beautifully.  And fast—we made great time!

IMG_5632Ann’s chicken coop.


I’ve been busy transferring all my contacts from the old phone to the new.  What a pain but that’s the price you pay when using Straight Talk instead of Verizon.  If someone comes up with an easier way I may cry!  And yes, I probably could have transferred the contacts list via SIM card if my old phone had a SIM card!

IMG_5648A sweet gum tree and a pine tree growing grafted together—odd.


Tonight we are gathering at Danny and Ann’s again for a steak dinner—YUM.  And my mother made this new candy recipe that is to die for!  May have to get that recipe!


  1. Don't forget to share - that recipe when you get it.LOL

  2. Merry Christmas Jana to you Mike and family...enjoy your family

  3. Enjoy your family, they are the true gifts of Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and Mike.

  4. Home for the holidays is priceless. Merry Christmas.

  5. I recently got a new Straight Talk phone and had to do the same ting. But I really like Straight Talk.


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