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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Another Good Busy Day

Emmi and I walked another two miles around the park this morning early in a brisk wind—yep, brisk wind.  No air conditioning needed today.  In fact, I quilted with no air conditioning too. 

Did some research on a custom quilting project I’m scheduled to begin—that’s my next job.  I wish I was more creative—able to come up with ideas on my own—instead I depend on patterns or stencils or seeing another person’s creations.  It turns out well in the end, though.

I finished the first of Jeane’s quilts today and it is beautiful.  It is a pleasure to quilt in the little trailer.  I miss some things such as my big cutting table but I am so grateful to have the space to do what I love while we are down here in Texas.

Ms. Zoey and Ms. Angel accompanied Emmi and me to the dog park a couple times then came over and hung out with us while waiting for Rollie to get home—he went to Houston for a meeting today.  He was back in time for dinner—we had tacos and I tried The Pioneer Woman’s salsa recipe which Rollie recommended.  The best salsa I’ve ever made I think.  I was mixing the ingredients and thinking about texting Rollie to see where he was so he could stop by a grocery store and get me some cilantro when the phone rang and it was Rollie—he was in Wal Mart. 

Michael is really enjoying his new job and the people.  Judy—he is a mechanical technician—the way I understand it he will be testing pumps, hoses, compressors, etc. to make sure they are working correctly. 

The weather was beautiful today—cool, no humidity and just a little wind.  I took no photos today so I will treat you to a mountain photo:



  1. Hi, glad y'all are having a good time. Miss hearing about Gina. Is she traveling alot?
    Jo Jo Miss.

  2. You have rolled into a pretty nice routine. It's nice to learn that all is working out as it was meant to be for you both. That's great!

  3. Sounds like a perfect job for Michael - right up his alley.


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