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Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Tour And A Boat Parade

It has been a fabulous day!  Hot and humid this morning as we set off for Padre Island.  One short ferry ride and we were on the island side of this part of Texas.IMG_5443IMG_5444

It’s been a long time since I’ve walked on a beach and even though I lived in Texas, I never made it to Padre Island until today.  Miles and miles of beach with very few people.  Ms. Emmi had her first run on a beach—she didn’t stray near the water, she preferred the dune side—more interesting smells to smell!


We watched these guys as they caught a small shark—can you keep sharks you catch??  Do people eat them??


IMG_5458An Ibis, right Judy??IMG_5460

Back across the bridge, through Corpus Christi and we landed in a city park of Aransas Pass thinking it would be a good place to walk every day.  NOT!!  Emmi was the first to discover the dang goats head burrs.  Then Michael and I realized the bottoms of our shoes were coated with the awful things—not the place for walking!

IMG_5466We saw two blue herons but they were too fast for me to get photos. 

Tonight Rollie treated us to dinner at Mickey’s on the bay and as we were finishing dinner we watched a lighted boat parade.  The folks on the boats waved and yelled up to us, “Merry Christmas!!”  Michael’s first boat parade—it was a fabulous evening and the food was simply outstanding—thanks so much Mr. Rollie!



  1. Down inGulf shores Al.They have a boat parade at Mardi Gras time. They go on the water way Neat

  2. Hi Janna and Mike
    Thanks so much for bringing back wonderful memories of the area. I never missed the boat parade in the twelve years I lived in Portland.
    Thank you.
    Don in Okla.

  3. any day where there is a beach, is a good one!! glad you are all enjoying yourselves!

  4. I'd say that's a long-billed curlew. :)

  5. Looks like a perect day ~ we have several boat parades down here in Florida... they are always a delight to watch and how talented people are decorating them. GREAT photos!
    have fun

  6. Yes, you can eat shark. We spend summers at our cottage in Delaware. Hubby fishes the Atlantic and sometimes catches small sharks. We cut the meat up into scallop like shapes and deep fry - tasty!

  7. Nice tour of the area Janna. We've been to Houston and San Antonio but the Padre Island remains a must see on the travel bucket list. We have former neighbors to visit who moved to Corpus Christi from British Columbia.

  8. Beautiful photos of the beaches on Padre Island and the Boat Parade. Many, many years ago I had a Shark Steak grilled on a BBQ and if I remember correctly it was pretty tasty.

  9. Oh a boat parade, I would love to see one. What a wonderful way to end a fun-filled day!!1

  10. Beautiful photos of the beach and boat parade. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Yes, you can eat shark. But, you have to make sure they are very dead before you attempt to clean them---they are the meanest fish in the net. We lived on the beach in a condo in Hawaii for 4 months when Bill was working a satellite tracking station contract at Schoffield Barracks. I remember the surf fisherman bringing those small sharks on shore in the nets and warning our kids to stay back as they sorted and cleaned their catch as the sharks would bite long after the other fish had died. They filleted them for cooking.


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