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Monday, December 3, 2012

Off To Work

Michael started the job this morning—he rode in with Rollie who goes to work at some not very nice hour!  They both breezed in for lunch then I didn’t see them again until right around 5pm.  Thus, I got a lot done today!

Mike ClarkHey, that doesn’t look like any cowboy hat I ever saw! 

Laundry was done by 8am—nice laundromat here in the park—I have a combo washer/dryer but like to do bigger loads such as sheets and towels at a laundromat.  While the clothes were washing I drove the jeep around the park and found by walking all the loops I can get in a half mile—so Emmi and I walked it twice while the clothes were agitating. 

Then it was on the computer trying to configure our router security—success!  I also was able to convert some files to PDF using a feature on our new wireless printer.  Rick—look out, I’m getting good at this computer stuff—of course I had to email Rick about the PFD business before I had any success!

Made a trip to Wal Mart—when we were packing Michael asked me if I was bringing along a full size ironing board.  Not thinking I said, no, the small one custom made for the RV would work fine.  I didn’t think about ironing quilt backs—so off to Wal Mart I went today looking for an ironing board.  While there I decided against getting one thinking maybe Rollie and Gina carried one—nope, so tomorrow I will go back and buy an ironing board. 

Right next to Wal Mart is a nail salon and I treated myself to a pedicure today—absolute bliss!  In a text to my niece Niki, I told her, “I could get used to this being close to things!” 

Emmi girl got a bath and a Texas haircut today—she looks adorable!  She was so glad to see Michael when he got home—she did the howling routine. 

We enjoyed dinner with Rollie tonight—I grilled pork chops, steamed cauliflower and green beans—YUM! 

So, Michael’s working life has begun—he was excited tonight, he thinks this job is going to be just fine!


  1. It is easy to tell from the smile on his face that things are looking good!

  2. So glad to hear things are working out well. I hear you about getting used to having things close. Here in Northern Wisconsin its a 30 mile drive for anything more than milk or bread. When we go to Lake Havasu I can walk to the grocery store. (Can't wait) Enjoy the warmth.

  3. Wonderful to hear everything is falling into place and working out. The smile on his face tells it all. Enjoy the conviences of city life. We are heading out tomorrow and plan to spend our winter in Texas traveling around. Maybe our "pink" motorhome will meet up with your "pink' motorhome! LOL!

  4. Janna, FYI you can "borrow" the ironing boards in the laundromat for short periods of time, but not much padding on them. Judy Mc

  5. sounds like a great day ending with a nice treat of a pedicure! and dinner of course, with your working men!!

  6. Great news that Michael feels good about the new job! I bet his contributions will be exemplary too.

  7. With all the stuff you did yesterday, how did you get to Michael's workplace to take that picture. Nice job on the router.


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