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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gloomy Day

Not quite as chilly as yesterday but still damp and gloomy.  I was in need of a haircut and when you’ve been going to the same hairdresser for 10+ years—it’s hard to find someone when on the road.  I’m bad picky about my hair—over the holidays I heard repeated ads for an Aveda salon in Corpus Christi so I called them this morning and was able to get an appointment for 11:30.  The young woman who does my hair in Billings originally worked in an Aveda salon so I was at least familiar with the concept. 

Ms. Gina was kind enough to accompany me and off we went leaving Ms. Emmi home alone—oh, no!  If first impressions were the rule I would have run from the salon—the young woman who came to fetch me had vivid red/orange hair and multiple visible tattoos—uh, oh!  She did a great job with my hair following my wishes to a “T.” 

Next up was lunch—we headed to Small Planet Deli recommended by the folks in the salon—it was delicious!  Gina and I split a piece of lemon pie that was to die for—we did eat salad and sandwich before the pie though!  The deli was located in an area of shops which we browsed after lunch finding nothing which appealed.  But then Ms. Gina uses her iPhone to locate her favorite lingerie shop—there just happened to be one in the mall in Corpus Christi—Soma Intimates.  Bad Gina!  I’ve never heard of Soma Intimates—where have I been—Montana that’s where!  I need to get out more! 

Power is back on to my family in Arkansas, late last evening.  Their weather report doesn’t look so great for the next couple of days though!  Here’s a photo my sister-in-law Vicky took:

snow in AR

Michael is still feeling puny—we are dosing him with lots of vitamin C—orange juice, grapefruit—and he is drinking huge amounts of water.  Hopefully he will feel better soon.

Had an electrical problem today—all of a sudden I had no power to any of the outlets in the rig—the electric heater shutting off was my first clue, then I attempted printing directions to the hair salon—no power to the printer.  I tried everything—breakers, turning off the power to the coach outside, turning it back on—nothing.  I finally just texted Michael and left for Corpus Christi.

He got out the manuals when he got home—seems there is a GFI outlet down along the floor in our bedroom—hard to see, hard to find, in fact we neither one even knew it was there until the other night.  Michael thinks when the sprinklers come on outside the water gets the cords and their connections going to the Christmas lights wet tripping that particular breaker and our GFI inside the coach—makes ALL the outlets stop working!!!  Lesson—unplug the Christmas lights BEFORE the sprinklers come on!


  1. Hi -- when you talked about your hair, it reminded me. Are you still letting your hair go gray?

  2. You are brave to have let that woman touch your hair. I guess it proves once again that looks can be deceiving.

    When power goes off in the rig it's annoying and worrying alright but such a relief to find out it was only a GFI receptacle just doing its job.

  3. Holy Cow - hope your anon poster goes to one of those other countries and never comes back again. It is hard to find someone to do your hair while on the road. I've never been very picky and that has come in handy a few times. lol

  4. Did you get the massage treatment along with the haircut? Just wondering if this is the norm for all Aveda salons? Yeah... looks sure can be deceiving.... I'm really slim, young and vivacious... I just look old and frumpy ;-) I do hope the soup makes Michael better... not the season to feel puny.

  5. butterbean carpenterDecember 29, 2012 at 8:08 AM

    Howdy y'all,
    GET WELL MIKE!!! DO LIKE OL' BILLY BOB; take LOTS of vitamin C pills!! I used to do that when I worked outside ALL OF THE TIME!!! Glad y'all got to go to see the 'Mountain Williams' and have Christmas with them, but bummer on catching their cold!!! We didn't go nowhere so we didn't get sick!!! Now, all of the kids are having a 'reunion' this weekend and want us to make that 250 mile trip, we're hoping for BAD weather, so we have an excuse!!!


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