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Friday, December 28, 2012

What Did I Do Today

Nothing, a big fat nothing!  Load of laundry, basketball with the dog and a tiny bit of quilting—that’s it.  Michael didn’t go to work this morning he felt so bad.  I fixed a batch of chicken noodle soup which Michael said made him feel better and baked two loaves of artisan bread. 

Blogger dropped the ball today allowing some nasty goon to post a long, long rant as a comment on last night’s blog.  My sister-in-law Vicky sent a text telling me it was there. 

Talked to LoraLee today—lots of snow at home and very cold with a nasty wind.  Our weather here in Texas started out gloomy and finally this afternoon the sun came out.

I’ll try to do better tomorrow—maybe my brain will work better in the writing department. 


  1. You at least got laundry done. That's more than I accomplished. Oh, I did get dishes done. Wow.

  2. We really need those do-nothing days every once in awhile, and you were certainly due one! Hope Michael is feeling better soon!


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