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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Emmi And I Take A Walk

Couldn’t sleep after Michael left this morning—just got up, had my coffee, showered and finally had to wake the pooch so we could go for a walk.  My goal was to drive over to Rockport—when there for church on Sunday I noticed this really cool park along the water.  Big sign as we are driving in, “NO DOGS!”  GRRRRR  Drove around some more looking for spots along the water to walk with no success.

So, we drive back over to Aransas Pass and I’m thinking I will just go get on the ferry and then walk on the beach in Port Aransas.  As I am crossing the big tall bridge I see these areas with no vegetation along the edge of the water just off the road far enough for walking.  There is an old road bed and Emmi and I got in a great two mile plus walk.  The birds were spectacular—I will probably freak Blogland Bird Lady Judy when I attempt identification--

IMG_5568Is he a blue heron Judy?? 

IMG_5583A blue heron and a great white heron??

IMG_5585Don’t know what this guy/girl is—maybe a juvenile blue heron?

It was a beautiful morning, a little on the cool side again but not bad.


In between dog walking I did manage to get all the basic quilting done on the Christmas project I am making—tomorrow I will try to do all the fill work. 


  1. Hi Janna and Mike
    You might want to get off the bridge on the Corpus side and go down under the bridge for a neat park built to view the ships coming and going into the Nueces Bay. I have seen Navy ship, cruise ships, tankers and even a sub or two. A good way to spend several hours in a nice area.
    Also, in the spring, they may still have the offshore boat races that can be viewed from the Shoreline.
    Take care and enjoy S TX.
    Don in Okla.

  2. great day for a walk along the water!..nice bird shots too!

  3. You got the great blue heron right, Janna. The big white bird is a great egret, and the last bird is a tri-colored heron (used to be called the Louisiana heron). :)

  4. I was just about to identify those big birds for you Janna but Judy beat me to it (ha, ha)!! Nice place for a walk with Emmi.

  5. Driving around to find suitable dog walking trails will quickly get you acquainted with the area. The 'bird trail' you found was rewarding with the numerous photographs.

  6. Wow, you are really making me miss the coast. I am over living in the desert.


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