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Friday, December 14, 2012

A Road Trip In Gina’s Car

Rollie has been bugging me to drive Gina’s Mercedes so today I took him up on the offer!  Peggy across the street went with me and we had a great time over in Corpus Christi!  Lunch at Macaroni Grill, stops at Petsmart and Target.  We made a run to Spec’s again (no we haven’t drank all the wine I bought last week) and then hit the grocery store and Sam’s Club.  You meet the nicest people in RV parks—talking to Peggy today I felt as if I’ve known her forever! 

But that car was almost too smart for me—if you get too close to something such as another car as you are pulling into a parking spot, the car beeps at you.  I’m used to back up sensor beepers—our big dually truck has those—but the car even fussed at me when we pulled into the car wash—the brushes were getting too close to it! 

It’s the weekend for Michael and he was home early again today—nice!  He even beat me home. 

I totally finished the custom quilt this morning, even sewing the binding on—just the hand work left to do.  YEA!!  My last deadline project before Christmas. 

What is wrong with our world that someone would walk into a school and shoot innocent little children?  Our hearts and prayers go out to those poor parents who lost their children today.

Emmi got a new ball today and is totally focused on it—might have been a mistake!

No photos taken today so I will leave you with a Montana scene--


Someone asked in a comment on yesterday’s blog how we had power for the quilting trailer and the motorhome.  Typical electrical pedestals in RV parks have a 50amp plug for the RV and usually another one or two 20-30amp plugs.  This park pedestal has a 50amp, a 30amp and a 20amp plugs.  The RV uses the 50 and the quilting trailer uses the 20amp plug.  The longarm draws very little power and the air conditioner we purchased for the trailer is a small 110 volt.  So, that’s how we do it.  Now if I was out in the desert it would be another story! 


  1. Those shootings of innocent little children make me especially sad this evening. :_(

  2. Janna, thought I should let you know, those brushes at the car wash are really hard on the paint. I really was damaging my Lincoln. When my husband seen what I was doing, I had to stop it. Gee, I didn't know.

  3. nice that you got to drive a Mercedes today, even if it was only temporary! Speaking of car washes, when were in Kalispell last summer, Doug found a great auto car wash..the Blue Cow? one he had ever been through, all for a mere $8!

  4. Must have been fun driving around in that Mercedes. Terrible news about the school shootings in Connecticut - unbelievable.

  5. Thanks for answering my question regarding the electric hookups. Duh, why didn't I think of that. I agree about the shootings, had to just turn off the news, just way too sad. Hugged my grandaughter a couple extra times today. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. butterbean carpenterDecember 15, 2012 at 8:09 AM

    Howdy J&M,

    HOORAY!! NO MORE WORK THIS YEAR!!! Having to be begged to drive a Mercedes and one that 'beeps' at you, too, also!!! Tell Rollie you'll borrow it and take a trip to Arkansas and show the family 'your' new car!!! That pic of the mountains shows how homesick you are!!!
    Hope all's going great on the COAST OF TEXAS!!!!!

    Go kick the ball for Emmi!!!

  7. What a nice outing - with a friendly RV neighbour - in a stylish Mercedes. Tough to beat such a nice day out.


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