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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Land Of The Southern Speaking

When I moved out west from Texas I spoke southern and still do most of the time.  Occasionally some one will say, “oh you don’t have an accent.”  My thoughts will be, “you are probably a mite hard of hearing.”  Once a southerner, always a southerner. 

We southerners are different in some ways, we can say “bless your heart” and you know in the way it was said, you’ve just been insulted.  Or we say “bless your heart” and you know in your own heart we mean bless your heart.  We say ya’ll whether Mr. Webster recognizes it or not.  I catch more grief over my pronunciation of the word “wash” than anything else I say.  I say “warsh” instead of “wash.” 

But there is another way I can always recognize a southern woman—if she is out walking around at 7am in full makeup!  Southern women don’t go to the mailbox without their full makeup on.  They certainly don’t go to church or the mall without makeup!  Our friend Kerri had a c-section for their last baby and right afterwards the photos showed that our Kerri is a full blood southern woman!  My sweet niece was on her deer stand (yep, some southern women hunt) early one morning recently—in full makeup!

These southern thoughts were brought on by my meeting of this delightful southern woman at 7am the other morning while walking Emmi.  She was probably in her 70’s—her husband was hooking their tow car to the motorhome and she was standing outside the door and greeted me with a cheery, “good morning!”  Every white hair was in place and she was in full makeup and nice clothes.  No sloppy sweats and no shower for this motorhome traveling woman! 

Since we’ve moved to Aransas Pass I find myself speaking with more of a drawl—maybe it’s from hanging out so much with Rollie?? Smile I haven’t heard Mr. Michael say “ya’ll” yet but maybe we will get him to speaking a little southern while living down here??

I’ve had a big batch of chili simmering all day (it was another cool day)—wish those guys would hurry up and get home so we can eat—it smells delicious! 

IMG_5552Emmi’s favorite perch from which to watch the world go by!


  1. Too funny!!
    Love the quilt under Emmi (I have the book...and yes, that quilt is on my TO DO LIST! Gorgeous!)

  2. Obviously I'm not from the south. I haven't worn makeup in over six years! :)

  3. Emmi is pretty lucky to be able to sit on that beautiful Christmas Quilt. Makeup is not on my high list of priorities either.

  4. Bless yer heart. That was a great post. Only someone from the South can fully understand.:-)

  5. Being completely unfashionable and totally devoid of make-up, I always felt out of place out in the Hamptons (as well as not a size zero!). I fit in much better in the RV world! Accent? People say Al sounds definitely like a New Yorker, but I sound more New England. Makes sense to me, he grew up closer to the city, whereas on the East End we sound more like Connecticut and Rhode Island. I do find though, as i float around new areas of the country, I tend to pick up very slight accents and mannerisms of where I am at the timer...even found myself doing a ya'll when in Florida!

  6. You hit the nail on the head! I never leave home without makeup. My fear is I'll have an Emergancy come up with no time to do my face.

    Your true southern gal,

  7. Apparently Emmi doesn't understand that dogs stay off of the quilts. My dog likes to make a pile of the quilt and lay right in the middle even though she knows that dogs are not allowed on the quilts. I have even made her a quilt but she likes the couch quilt better. Beautiful quilt and cute dog.

  8. well bless your heart, y'all! so happy that you are enjoying your new 'state'!!

  9. The Austrians think I'm from the North. Guess I have an accent.

    One of my favourites is, "Well, isn't that special?" I'm not sure if it's a Southern thing or not, but it's generally an insult of some sort.

    Even if it's only within the confines of the English language, language study can still be fun.

  10. Hey Janna! I have that same quilt ready to go on the longarm! And Miss Emmi sitting on it....well, bless her heart!

  11. Having lived on the road for nearly 12 years now I've picked up various accents and "sayings"... and my "native" southeast Ohioan hillbilly accent has been mistaken for both an English accent (go figure) and a southern accent. But it's the southern respect and manners (Miss Janna..... Sir, Ma'am... etc) that I'm the most impressed by. I can laugh when the same sentence is followed by... "bless her heart"... but... darn! That's a way of life that I can live with. Yes Ma'am!

  12. Emmi looks so cute on her lovely xmas blanket!!

  13. Your your tales about southern accents. My family is from Ohio and I was born and raised in Arizona, wonder why I also say "warsh" My son always kids me about that.


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