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Monday, December 10, 2012

Reminiscing and Wind

“Could you please explain who Rollie is and where his wife Gina is living? It seems as if Rollie is eating a lot of meals with you but you don't mention where his wife might be. I just need to get caught up on your past life and family.....”

OK, let’s answer this comment—I sometimes forget we have new readers who may not want to plow back through the entire blog trying to figure out the logistics of our relationships Smileso here goes.

Several years ago we were staying in a RV park in Tucson, I would meet this woman and her two schnauzers every morning while out walking our schnauzer.  We later sat together as couples at a potluck and they also joined us for a happy hour or two—this was Jim and EllieEllie wrote a blog and gave me some of the ins and outs about blog writing—thus Tin Tee Pee was born.

In January of 2010 we boondocked in the desert near Bouse, AZ.  Jim and Ellie joined us “for a few days” and ended up staying with us two months.  While there in the desert Ellie read the blog of another RV Dreamer member—foound out they were in Quartzsite—Jim and Ellie drove out to find them bringing Rollie and Gina back to our spot in the desert.  This was our first time meeting this couple—we’ve created some awesome friendships while RVing—Rollie and Gina have brought to our lives a special kind of friendship.  They along with Jim and Ellie have visited us in Montana, we have visited Rollie and Gina in Louisiana where they have a home. 

Rollie is retired military and a mechanical engineer—he is involved with a huge oil project down here in Texas—Michael is working for Rollie.  OK—now for Gina.  In May of last year Rollie and Gina’s daughter Ashley and her husband Parker had a baby girl.  Life circumstances—both kids are working to become doctors and Parker has been out of the country doing so—created the need for Gina to be the nanny.  So, Gina has been GiGi to little Jolee up in the northeast part of the country while Grandpa Rollie works.   And that’s the story of how we know Rollie and Gina.  We would do anything in the world for these two people—they are just that special!

Michael left for work early, early this morning and I was up shortly thereafter—our window awnings were trying to blow out to sea.  It was dang cold out there too while I was wrestling the awnings closed and it stayed that way all day—cold and windy.  Not as cold as it has been in McLeod the last few days but cold for Aransas Pass! 

I was snug as a bug in the quilting trailer today and made some progress—may get to quilt tomorrow!  We (me, Emmi, Angel and Zoey) took several walks around the park in spite of the wind.

Snowmen being robbedA little winter humor!


  1. Nice story on how you two met Gina and Rollie. It is most interesting to learn about how you and other RVers - ourselves included - have met some most interesting folks, who have become friends, while enjoying the RV lifestyle.

    We connected with like minded RVers that have become close friends. The RV community is a special group, that's for sure.

  2. Well, I'm glad you cleared that up. I hope you get to quilt tomorrow too!!

  3. I just love all the connections we've made with the best people while traveling around this great country. It has been the most blessed part of our traveling experiences! And you all are some of the best of the best!!

  4. nice trip down memory lane!..everyone is all connected some way or another!!

  5. Rollie and Gina are two special people thats for sure!!

  6. The RV community and the blogger community have a lot in common. :) Funny cartoon.

  7. Hope the warm weather returns there soon. Funny cartoon!

  8. Thank you so much for giving me the background story.....Now I can spend my time quilting instead of searching old blogs.


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