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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Will Wonders Never Cease!

My husband owns a smart phone—can you believe that???  A Straight Talk smart phone but a smart phone none the less!  And, he is figuring out how to operate it himself, so far he has entered contacts and made calls without turning the air blue!!  Now let’s see if he can text!


I spent the day on the phone doing car business.  The whole day!  But the deal may just work out!  Phone calls to our bank in Montana, phone calls to the bank in Arkansas where the current owners have the vehicle financed, calls to the DMV here in TX—my phone needs recharging!!! 

Emmi and I did go out to the bay and take a nice walk—it was another beautiful day, warm, low humidity and a breeze.  IMG_5605

Rollie and Michael arrived home just after 5pm.  We enjoyed a glass of wine while grilling burgers.  Life is good although we sure miss that Gina woman! 

Today I took all three dogs to the dog park—remember that breeze I mentioned above??  Well, if anyone was watching the “poop bag” circus they sure had a good laugh.  I had three “poop” bags with me, one in my pocket and two tied around Emmi’s leash.  The ones around the leash fell off and blew down the street—I was chasing the bags trying my best to step on them, catch them, anything cause I had all ready used the one I had in my pocket--all this while dragging three dogs along with me.  The bags finally blew completely away—oh, well!!  Quite the circus—my three dog circus!

deerSaw this on FB this morning and though it was totally appropriate for our Montana neck of the woods!


  1. Good,I will send my "smart" Tracfone over and when Mike figures it out he can send it back and call me with instructions.

  2. The problem with smart phones is that I'm not smart enough to figure them out. Love the cartoon - really true back home. Picturing you chasing the poop bags cracked me up.

  3. Well, if Michael starts texting he's a way ahead of me!! Funny cartoon although one of you with the 3 pups would have been better I think.

  4. The visual of you chasing poop bags is hilarious!! Would have been fun to send a video of that to AFV, perhaps a ten grand winner!!! Love the cartoon, appropriate here in Northern Wisconsin too!!!

  5. Our family uses the 'text' function with our smart phones. It's the quickest and best way to keep in touch with everyone.

    I especially enjoyed the auto body repair shop cartoon. Recent experience reflects the cartoon to a 'T'.

    Chasing doggy poop bags with three dogs would have been quite a sight to witness! Any kind of exercise is beneficial though! LOL


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