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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Back In The Swing

Hey, who turned off the heat???  The wind was howling when we got home yesterday and continued to rock and roll us all night long bringing a cold front.  The high temp today was around 44 degrees—nippy!  I even turned on the Webasto heat this morning—that’s how cold it was in here!

Emmi and I took a quick walk—36 degrees and wind isn’t very nice walking weather!  I then proceeded to clean and put away stuff.  The inside of the jeep even got a cleaning! 

A trip to Wal Mart for groceries this afternoon—I was surprised at how few people were there.  Emmi got a present—a basketball—we drove over to the school yard and played basketball until she was panting.  When we got home it wasn’t long before Mike and Rollie drove up. 

Tonight we enjoyed taco soup which Rollie had made and exchanged Christmas presents with them.  Michael has a cold he probably caught in Arkansas and isn’t feeling well—hope it’s a short lived cold. 


More family photos—Leah, G*** and my nephew Clayton. 

And that’s about it for our day here in Texas.


  1. I saw some news from Arkansas tonight on TV and it was pretty cold with lots of snow. I thought about you being there as I forgot you were heading back to Texas - just in time, I'd say.

  2. Sounds as if your Arkansas trip was a good one, and the hit the road at the right time to miss all that exciting weather. It is a little cooler here also, only into the sixties today so I actually tied a sweatshirt on the back of my saddle when I headed out today. Have a Merry Christmas and here's hoping Mike shakes that cold quickly.

  3. How good to return from Arkansas before the weather soured. It's cool is south Texas though. What's with that? Hope Michael shakes his cold quickly.


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