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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Quilting Group, Pea Soup, And A Near Disaster

IMG_5501This is the scene out our window this morning—after Emmi and I walked my hair was actually dripping wet.  About noon the fog finally burned off—Mike and Rollie said the fog left much earlier in the day out on the water. 

Today was quilting group at the clubhouse—five of us gathered and spent four hours working on projects.  It’s always good to work on projects of my own.  I did some applique on a little wall hanging and almost finished it.


And now for the near disaster story—I’ve never been responsible for emptying the holding tanks.  With that said I decided with Michael working these long hours that was one chore I could handle.  I’ve watched it done enough times I felt confident in my ability to do this job.  Well, yesterday morning I emptied the black tank, we leave our grey water value open.  I did two loads of laundry in our on board washing machine and we both had showers—that adds up to a full grey tank—but it wouldn’t have mattered as that value is always open. 

Well-------as I am showering this morning water starts to stand around my feet—oh dear—this is not good!!!  What did I do wrong—there isn’t a lot I could have done wrong?????  I get out of the shower dress, go outside, push the grey value closed, open it, listen, no, nada, nothing draining.  Then why is my gauge showing I have a full grey tank????

OK, I’m late for quilting group so off I go leaving Michael a note asking for suggestions when he comes home for lunch.  Well, he did come home for lunch and I had mixed up the values—closing the grey tank and leaving the black tank open.  GEEZ!!!!  This could have really been a disaster—I was out in the quilting trailer while the washing machine was going—I could have come back to the motorhome with grey water running everywhere!!!  YIKES—crisis barely averted!  I’m labeling that stupid handle! Smile

I made a run to Wal Mart this afternoon then got busy making dinner for the guys.  That’s the extent of our day in Aransas Pass.


  1. I'm pretty sure black is always the BIGGER pipe. So remember, Black = Bigger.
    Glad to be of service.

  2. I painted our black gray water tank handle a bright more stinkin mistakes:))

  3. The handles on my tanks are color coded. :)

  4. Glad you caught that before it was too late. Our valves are labelled but I still double check them just in case.

  5. You're supposed to learn something every day. Looks like you learned yours early enough to coast the rest of it. :)


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