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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I Think I Was Busy Today

After Michael left this morning early I snoozed for a while more—my hip has been really hurting lately and after our day long drive to Padre Island this past weekend it has really flared up causing me to toss and turn trying to get comfortable.  But Emmi and I were out walking by 7:30 before it got too warm—we put in almost two miles this morning!

I acquired one of those nasty things called an ironing board at Wal Mart—that’s the time of day to go to Wal Mart—before 10am!  Filled up the jeep while I was there, $3.17 a gallon—much better than back home in Montana. 

The rest of the day was spent in the quilting trailer—almost finished Jeane’s quilt!  And got all that ironing finished.  Emmi and I took a drive up to the office to check for packages—we were expecting a new ball from—the ball was there but it’s a dud!  Next time John and Brenda come by I’m sending it home with them—Mac would love this ball!

Rollie’s girls took a walk with Emmi and me this afternoon.  Angel made some new friends along the way with a Scottie and a Westie which live across the street from us.  Dinner tonight was chicken on the grill, corn on the cob, asparagus, roasted squash with onions and peppers.  And yes, Gina, Rollie did eat with us! Smile

This afternoon while cooking dinner the skies turned dark and the lightening started—it is still lightening, I wish it would rain—I love to hear the sound of the rain on the motorhome roof. 

IMG_5495Storm clouds building this afternoon.


  1. I too could sleep forever with the rain gently hitting a metal roof. Happy dreams!!

  2. The rain there is wonderful. It should be starting anytime.

  3. Our rainy season is in full force right now so the pitter patter on the roof is pretty constant. Nice photo of those gathering storm clouds.


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