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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Another Short Blog

In spite of spending the day in bed resting about 3pm Michael started running a temp.  Off to the little local ER we went—three and a half hours later we were released.  Diagnosis—strep throat.  ER’s are NOT the place to be on a Saturday evening!  Down right scary places!! 

I got in some quilting time today—working on a steering wheel table topper—almost got all the borders on before we left for the ER.

Gina made some delicious chocolate muffins today and they came with a beautiful cross stitched bread basket cloth—such a sweet friend! 

I am exhausted and off to bed—let’s hope my dear husband feels better tomorrow!

And yes LeAnn, my hair is till tinged with gray—heavily tinged I might add but I really like the color—and so does Michael.


  1. Sure glad you got Michael to the doc and got started on antibiotics. Strep throat is not fun. Hope he's feeling better tomorrow and you get some good sleep.

  2. Sure hope Michael is feeling better soon strep throat can be nasty.

  3. Hope Michael feels better soon. I've had strep many times in my younger years and it was bad stuff. Hope you both get a good nights' sleep.

  4. I' m temped to let my hair go gray, but not sure I 'm ready. Would be easier to care for, tho. Especially on the road.

  5. butterbean carpenterDecember 30, 2012 at 2:20 AM

    Howdy J&M,
    STREP IS DOWNRIGHT DANGEROUS, I know, I almost died with it, because I DIDN'T GO TO THE ER!!! Mike, please, DON'T TRY TO WORK THROUGH IT; just stay in bed, take it easy and take your medicines!! I'm telling you from experience!!!
    GET WELL, because Rollie needs you!!! Tell him you NEED MORE OF THAT CHICKEN SOUP, with LOTZ of JALAPENOS AND SOME CAYENNE in it, or some etufee,. Paul Prudhomme style, HOTTT!!!
    Janna, hide his boots!!!

  6. darn so sorry to hear of Mikes strep throat...not fun...glad he went to the ER and now has meds...

  7. Wishing Michael a speedy return to health. Well, he does have a good nurse to look after him, right?

  8. That strep throat stuff is a nasty bit of business. I seem to recall it as a kid. Seemed to be a common thing back then. Hadn't heard about it in years. Maybe Mike needs to get back to Montana, fire up the little skid-steer & move a few buckets of snow around. I hear tell that's a good thing for a feller with strep throat:))


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