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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Same Story, Different Verse

This photo tells the storyIMG_2837Sunshine late yesterday, clouds overnight and this morning a blizzard but as is the case this time of year, the snow melted almost as fast as it fell.  Michael was going over to Lonn’s to work but instead started putting the injectors (the UPS man delivered them yesterday evening) back in the 2004 Ford truck. 

A few days ago I ordered 4 pair of hiking shoes from Zappos—choosing Zappos because they ship for free both ways.  It’s a good thing they return ship for free—none of the four pair fit!  I have a really narrow foot.  GRRR  So while Mom and Chuck are here we will drive over to Bozeman to Schnee’s, a locally owned shoe store with a great selection of hiking, running, and all kinds of shoes.  Time is getting short, I’m leaving for this hiking trip to Zion and Bryce parks soon!!

Spent the morning sprucing up the house, Mom and Chuck are coming!  This afternoon I sewed the binding on the quilt I am making as a gift.  Emmi announced the arrival of Mom and Chuck about 4pm—it is so good to have them here.  They are going to man the desk at the Best Western motel in Gardiner, MT this summer.  Gardiner is only about 2 hours from here—it will be good to have them so close.

For dinner we are having pork tenderloin, roasted vegetables and a tomato/cucumber/mozzarella cheese salad.  YUM

Had to don rubber boots this afternoon and retrieve Emmi’s ball from the creek again! Winking smile


  1. So when is Emmi ever going to figure out the ball doesn't belong in the creek?

  2. Well, as pretty as your "Christmas tree" with all the snow looks, it's hard for me to even imagine being there since I'm sitting here in shorts, sandals and a tee. I kind of miss the snow... but am happy enough looking at it through your pictures! Say... you might try a tether ball for Emmi... save you some wading in cold water... ;-)

  3. same story here Janna. Snow, Snow and more Snow = Mud, Mud, and more Mud lol.

    Traded the Arizona dust for the Alberta spring mud. Oh well could be worse I guess. I can't wait to hear about your hiking trip.

    Take Care

  4. Ahhh, Montana. I'm hoping to be up there this summer. Spent some time in Bozeman at the university, and I like Gardiner.

  5. are you are living in an April Calendar..looks more like December to me!!

  6. Sure looks like a beautiful Christmas Tree.

    I see Emmi has learned how to make you play 'Fetch' - smart little dog!

  7. Good luck finding the right hiking shoes.

    Winter does not seem to want to abate...and even here on the 'wet coast', it's slow to come.

  8. Wow, hard to think about a blizzard now, since it has been over 80 every day for weeks:)


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