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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Visit To The Accountant

Yikes!!  I don’t know what we did to anger the tax gods this year but geez!!!!!  That was not a pleasant visit to our old friend Bill the accountant this morning!

We stopped by Nat’s and changed his dressings again before heading to the Timber Bar for lunch.  Pretty good—I had their pot roast special.  Groceries then up the Boulder—a spectacular spring day in the valley, blue, blue skies, snow capped peaks and green grass poking up.



Lonn and LoraLee came for dinner tonight and boy did we eat good!!!  But not without some mishaps on the way—do you think I cooked these pecans enough???

IMG_2731We enjoyed pork tenderloin on the grill and Brenda’s cheesy potatoes—Brenda, this is all there was left from a big dish of those potatoes—so good!IMG_2732For dessert I used a recipe I saw on the website Pinterest—Margarita Bars.  Good but the recipe needs some work, crust is too thick for the amount of filling and the crust needs to be cooked for less time—otherwise, very good!

A great day in the Boulder valley!


  1. sorry to hear that the news wasn't good with the accountant..but it seemed your day got better as it went on!!

  2. Hate those tax issues. More every year. I'll have to remember the pot roast at the Timber Bar for when we come through there.

  3. When I send the Government my check, I'm writing in the memo spot, 'spend it wisely' Hope they take my advice.

  4. So glad you enjoyed them Janna. Ah yes the tax man we will be dealing with him soon too.

    Take Care

  5. For once we got good news on our taxes. :) Sorry you didn't.
    Those cheesy taters look good. Wanna share the recipe?

  6. Yes, please share the potatoe recipe. Unable to locate on Brenda's website.

  7. What a day! It must’ve been fun to have those tasty dishes while enjoying the magnificent view. That big pile of meat makes me drool! I guess a visit with the accountant every once in a while isn’t a bad idea at all, don’t you agree? =)


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