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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sunshine To Snow

Yep, last evening we enjoyed happy hour on the deck in the sunshine and woke to snow this morning.IMG_2734IMG_2735

We need the moisture and I’m going to keep telling myself that!

This is one of the little Easter baskets I’ve been working on:IMG_2737Cute and easy to make. 

Today I finished all the blocks for the baby quilt and played ball with Emmi.  Playing ball with Emmi is almost a full time job!

Tonight I went into town to have dinner with Jill and Jeane—we were strategizing our hiking trip in  Utah planned for the end of this month—can’t wait.  The Grand was a busy, happening place tonight! 

My handy dandy mechanic (aka my husband) fixed the Kawasaki mule—he’s the best!  And he thinks he has a lead on injectors for the diesel pickup???

It snowed all day but was so warm the snow melted as it fell.  Tonight it was raining in town and nothing was happening up here at home.  A huge blizzard is forecast for areas of Montana beginning tomorrow—lots of snow and high winds.  Our friend Brenda is in Great Falls tonight, hope the storm doesn’t happen until she is safely across that Canadian border!  

A busy day for us here in Montana.


  1. Your picture of the trees with all the snow on them is amazing!

    Glad Mike was able to fix the Kawasaki mule - what'd he do, give it a good kick in the butt??

  2. I figured the 'mule' would be working in short order....and it is! I'm sure the diesel will be up and running soon!


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