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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bountiful Baskets

A while back LoraLee asked me if I would like to share a “Bountiful Basket” with her.  Both father and son are neither fond of many vegetables and LoraLee was afraid they couldn’t eat everything that would come in the basket.  It was my first experience with the program, my friend in Kansas City, Kelly, participates in a program similar and I’ve been at her house when the box arrived.  The fruits and vegetables are fresh and organic.  Today I went over to Livingston to pick up our basket, coming home the back roads so I could leave LoraLee’s share at her house.  I hope she didn’t have her heart set on brussel sprouts cause I left her the head of lettuce and took the brussel sprouts (I had just bought two heads of lettuce). Smile

IMG_2817Of course the veggies are purchased for this program—the temps around here never reach banana growing warm!!  As the summer nears I am sure we will get some local produce such as lettuces and squashes.  Tonight I roasted several of the different vegetables with potatoes (for Michael)—delicious.  LoraLee had also purchased with the basket loaves of homemade sourdough bread—good!!! 

While waiting for an unoccupied gas pump this morning (yes, in Big Timber) I noticed a very unusual sight in the photo below:


A neighbor and friend, Dava, came by this afternoon with a little embroidery project she needs done for a graduation quilt—her quilt was beautiful.  I can’t believe all these kids around here are graduating from high school—the quilt is for Dava’s niece who used to come in my store in town with her parents as a little girl.  Dava’s son Jacob is also graduating—he and his brother were the only trick or treaters we ever had here on the East Boulder—how come they grew up so fast???

IMG_2810Storm coming over the Crazy Mountains, beautiful morning but windy, cooler afternoon—forecast is for rain/snow tonight!

Did you figure out the unusual sight in the photo of the flag???


  1. Doesn't look the kind of country that could blow the roof off a motorhome.

  2. I'm with Judy - no wind. Doesn't happen often in the spring. We are having your share of the wind down here in AZ the last couple of days.

  3. I agree with all the others. NO WIND! How sweet is that!!!

  4. Yep, noticed right wind!! Doesn't happen very often here either.

  5. nice looking basket of vegies!..I honestly didn't see anything wrong with the picture?..I guess I live in a windless city!!

  6. There is a cross on top of the flag pole.
    "One nation under God. ?

    Barker a lurker.


  8. Has to be the NO WIND and the CLEAR SKIES..............When we travel I always watch for FLAG's or something to tell me how hard the wind is blowing and from which direction,,,,,,,If its a tail wind,,,I'm a happy camper!!

  9. I looked and looked but I have to go with 'no wind' too.

  10. That beautiful CROSS, need to see more of them. Saw it immediately Janna. Thanks for posting.


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