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Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Beautiful Sunday

For the end of April, today was a perfect day!  80 degrees and until this afternoon not a cloud in the sky!  We all took advantage by being outside.  Michael and Chuck worked on getting the engine back into the Ford pickup.  I manned the backhoe while Michael provided directions—I didn’t squish any fingers or anybody.  By late afternoon the engine was kind of secured back in the truck.  Mom and I cleaned up all my flowerbeds—looking pretty spiffy!

Nat came for lunch and we grilled some more hamburgers and served them with leftovers from last night.  Because the guys were outside in the sun most of the day Mom and I decided ice cream would be a good treat when they came in side.  Got out the Cuisinart ice cream maker for the first time this season and made some chocolate ice cream. 

The guys came in late this afternoon looking kind of sunburned and tired—showers and ice cream—a perfect treat!  Before we ate ice cream Michael and I took the little Toyota Spyder out for a spin—couldn’t resist the warm weather! 

Just a perfect spring day here in Montana.IMG_2879


  1. homemade chocolate ice cream and a ride in a convertible on a sunny Montana Sunday..perfection!

  2. Your photo reminds me so much of where I grew up - in the Yampa Valley of NW Colorado. Beautiful picture!

  3. Boy you had a better day than we did! It was Hot here,,,and it seemes to bother me more than usual...Then the damn A/C wouldn't work!! Geez we just paid them $70.00 to come and give it a check up and they said it was in perfect condition....Gotta call them back out here cause it ain't workin!! I told Pat thats what we get for fixing it if it ain't broke.......
    The guy turned it on while he was here and it worked fine,,,,:-( @#$%&*@!!!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Sunday. Please send some of that warmth eastward, I'm waiting for 80 degree weather. Its still freezing here at night.

  5. We didn't get to 80F here, but it was nice to get at least up into the 60's for once. Maybe Spring has Sprung finally. Homemade chocolate ice creams sounds yummy.

  6. Michael will have that ruck rolling soon. Great photo!

    Sure good to know that the snowy weather that JB and Brenda sent your way has melted with the nice hot temperature.

  7. You are so enticing us with the incredible photos. Love reading and seeing what is happening this time of year in Montana.


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