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Friday, April 27, 2012

One Major Hike

I think my hiking companions thought we were goats today.  You should have seen the trails those two ladies came up with for today’s hike!  If I had known what one trail’s topography was going to be I would have declined to accompany Jeane and Jill.  You see, I have a healthy fear of heights—yes, I’ve hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon twice and the hikes here in the park aren’t exactly on level ground but I do fairly well if the trail is wide enough.  Today we were skirting a cliff using chains attached to the rock wall to pull ourselves along.  The trail was NOT wide and the drop offs were significant.  But, we made it, we reached Hidden Canyon and I have a wonderful sense of accomplishment!


There is a trail here in the park called Angel’s Landing which is the “hike” to do if you have any guts at all.  I was edgy about this trail as the park literature states, “not for the faint of heart, chains will assist you in crossing a VERY narrow ridge…”  We met some people who told us the views from Observation Point were even better than Angel’s Landing so off we went.  They also told us we would be able to look down on Angel’s Point once reaching the summit of Observation Point. 

Hiking a total of over 10 miles today we saw some of the most spectacular scenery on this earth.  It was a long, grueling up hill hike taking us 4 hours to reach the summit and Observation Point.  The views were worth every last step we took.  IMG_3054IMG_3059IMG_3062-001To Jill’s left is a narrow ridge just visible—that is Angel’s Landing.  With the camera zoomed we could see people out on that narrow ridge.  Not a hike for us, not happening!

IMG_3063From Observation Point you could see the trail we took this morning to Hidden Canyon—can you believe we did that?????? 

At Observation Point we were at 6500 feet, far, far above the canyon floor, we gained 2148 feet in elevation from the start of the trail to the point!!!  On the Hidden Canyon trail we gained 850 feet in elevation in one mile. 


Although it was a grueling day we all have such a sense of accomplishment.  My hips hurt, my knees hurt, my toes hurt—I think every bone in my body aches but we did it!!!  YES!! 


  1. Wonderful accomplishment! Stunning country too! Well done.

  2. That was one spectacular hike and fantastic pictures too. Your 'Yikes' photo showing that narrow trail on the rock face was pretty amazing - what a path! I'd never get Paulette over that in a million years!

  3. butterbean carpenterApril 28, 2012 at 4:47 PM

    Howdy Janna,
    I bet Michael paid up the insurance before you left or didn't know what the country was like!!! GREAT PICS, and descriptions, but I really think y'all ought to do that ridge trip!! ha ha ha Sure am having an acrophobic white-knuckled enjoyment of this episode.. Let's go back to quilting!!! I know y'all are having FUUUNNN!!!

  4. Boy oh boy you gals are having fun!!!

    Karen and Steve
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