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Friday, April 20, 2012

Dirt Hauling and Sewing

That’s about all we did today, Michael hauled dirt from one place on the East Boulder to another place on the East Boulder.  Mom and I cooked and sewed.

Made two batches of granola and pizza crust dough.  We love being able to have good pizza here at home since it’s a LONG way to get any other kind!  That’s what we had for supper, homemade pizza. 

Mom and Chuck decided to go into town and have lunch at the Grand—fish and homemade chips is always good on Friday’s at the Grand.

In between hauling dirt Michael joined me for lunch and he had to eat a different kind of fish—tuna fish!  I love tuna fish but I don’t serve it to him often—today happened to be the day.  Have you ever had the pickles at Famous Dave restaurants?  They are sweet but a little on the spicy side—Costco now sells those pickles and boy are they good—huge jar but that doesn’t seem to be a problem around here! 

Mom and I both worked on hand stitching the binding on this quilt I’ve made—we are getting there, almost done—good thing it isn’t a king size quilt.

Talked to our good friend Gina today—Rollie and Gina’s daughter Ashley is right on track for having this baby.  Gina is in New Jersey staying with Ashley helping her out—Ashley’s husband Parker is still in medical school in Grenada.  We wish all the best to these two great kids!

Windy, windy today—which means warmer temperatures and no rain.  The mud dried up and the sun is shining bringing out all the green grass and flowers.IMG_2844


  1. We like homemade pizza too. Haven't tried a Granola Pizza Crust though - just kidding!!!

  2. There must have been very sound reasons to move dirt from one part of East Boulder to another part of East Boulder. Or does Michael just like playing in the dirt? LOL

  3. Little boys playing in their sandbox with their dumptrucks and graders?? heh heh

    Karen and Steve
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